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Getting Started.
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  1. register your company

  2. enter your machines and users

  3. got to the tapio shop

  4. activate applications

  5. download applications

Start working.

tapio naturally complies with the highest standards. Among other things, it is involvedy
in IUNO, the national reference project for IT security within the context
of Industry 4.0.

In addition, tapio works with major renowned software partners.

Full transparency.
With tapio.

tapio is the open wood industry ecosystem.

This means, that everyone can join and register at tapio to benefit from the know-how of us and our partners.
For example, you can connect machines of tapio partners, to use applications and optimize your production processes.

Together with our tapio partners we are working on applications and services for the whole wood industry.

--> Here it´s possible to register

If you want to use tapio for your company, all you need is one registration.
>>> Click here to register your company.

With the tapio account you can add your colleagues as users, enter machines and shop applications in the tapio shop.

Manage your equipment and applications from us and our partners with only one tapio account.

Watch this video for more information about the registration process.
>>> How to register at tapio

After registering at www.tapio.one, you can add your colleagues as users to tapio. All you need is the e-mail-address of your colleagues. After that, they get an invitation to register for themselves.

>>> In this video you can see how you can add colleagues

To add machines in your tapio account, you can use easyadd. Click on "add" in the equipment area and follow the instructions there. Also you can use QuickConnect, if your machine has this Feature.

>>> In this video we explain how to add machines

>>> This video explains the functionality of QuickConnect

Register your company on www.tapio.one.
Connect your tapio ready machines without additional costs within a view minutes.

Start at "Equipment" > "Add" to connect your machines to tapio. „tapio readiness“ and possible updates can be checked online and with the machine manufacturer.

Do you need help? Contact our support team service@tapio.one

QuickConnect is our new feature to get your machine even faster with tapio.
To start, login on tapio and choose "Equipment" > "Add" and follow the instruction.
On HOMAG machines QuickConnect can be found at the powerTouch menu > "other applications" > "tapio QuickConnect".
There is no QuickConnect on your machine? You can still use EasyAdd for machines without QuickConnect.

>>> Watch this video for more information about the process

As soon as you are registered at www.tapio.one, you are able to buy and activate applications on tapio.
>>> Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Choose your product at the tapio Shop and type in the code of your Voucher in the field “Promotion Code”. Afterwards the price of the product will adapt depending on the kind of Voucher you received. Proceed to checkout and place your order. You can now use your product.

To redeem your Voucher you need to be registered on tapio.

>>> In this video we explain how to use a voucher-code in the tapio shop

tapio uses a highly secure environment in which data is anonymised before it is combined. Here, tapio works with experts from research projects across Germany as well as large software partners such as Microsoft or Software AG.

Depending on the product, the data is processed once again and made available to you as a digital solution adapted for your needs.

You can use tapio on all smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs.

To connect a machine with tapio all you need is an internet connection.

tapio will safely accompany you on your way to the digital world.

With simple solutions, you have the ability to quickly review and control your entire production, as well as to easily maintain and optimise it.

tapio stands for machine-based competence. For software expertise. For consulting excellence. For service proficiency. For the commitment of taking the wood industry to a new level.

This ensures your investments for the future.

We are very delighted about your visit at tapio.one

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