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"I'm fully on board with the idea of Industry 4.0! And tapio is a vital part of that. I already find all of the applications really useful. I...

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Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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Zu viel kreative Energie? Machen Sie beim tapio eco-system mit und kreieren Sie coole Lösungen für die Holzindustrie! >Werden Sie Partner https://www.tapio.one/de/register

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"tapio is growing all the time thanks to the many win-win effects." "tapio has come onto the market at exactly the right time and offers exactly...

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21. - 24.03.2018

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22. - 25.08.2018

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Minimum Input.
Maximum Output.

tapio creates the digital future of the wood industry:
  • tapio combines sophisticated digital products for the wood industry with thousands
    of production machines and the highly varied supply of production material and tools
    in an Internet of things (IoT) platform. In short:

    This digital platform covers the wood industry value chain in its entirety.

  • tapio pools knowledge from the areas of mechanical engineering, servicing, software and consulting for businesses of all sizes worldwide to make your work easier.

  • tapio supports you with uniform solutions for a diverse range of process stages to make business processes faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever before.

Coming soon:
the open shop!

Whether machine-based, non-machine-based, business process, production process – nowadays it is more important than ever to harmonise all details and parameters along the value chain.

tapio - Solutions for the field.
From the field.

Wood industry is a complex business. It goes without saying that an understanding of the demands of partners and customers is just as important as the development of technologies and trends.

Yet what kind of digital opportunities present themselves? What will the end consumer want in future? And how will services develop?

tapio provides the answers, as tapio embraces machine-based competence, software expertise, consulting excellence and service proficiency – and is committed to taking the wood industry to a new level.

tapio generates intelligence from a wealth of data, which businesses in the wood industry can use for their own gain. This protects investments for the future.

tapio Products


Operate machines

Nobody is more closely involved with the machinery than the machine operators themselves. Downtime is not an option; delays are unwelcome – so much the better that they now have all the machine-related information to hand in real time. This helps you to make sure you can always get to the machine in good time and react flexibly at all times. On the way to work, for example, you can remotely start up the gluing unit on the edge banding machine. This means you won’t have to wait 15 minutes for the glue to heat up and can spend the time attending to other tasks.


Transparent production
for optimized productivity

MESBoard displays information on production progress and the status of all workstations for the current day, and also monitors the processes keeps you up to date by means of cloud-based services on mobile devices. mesboard immediately sends a warning when a critical value exceeds or falls below a certain level.


Get help fast.

ServiceBoard ensures that errors can be identified quickly and easily with the aid of video diagnoses, so that a solution can be implemented straight away. serviceboard also makes it possible to remedy faults rapidly and where possible by yourself. The servicing also avoids unplanned interruptions during production thanks to forward-looking maintenance.

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