The importance of machine data backups

The importance of machine data backups

The importance of machine data backups

The importance of machine data backups

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Smart Crew in front of a HOMAG machine
Smart Crew in front of a HOMAG machine
Smart Crew in front of a HOMAG machine
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Julia Kasper

Why protecting your machine config data secures productivity

7:00 a.m. Monday morning. Actually, the CNC machine should be running now. Actually, it should be. The Monday morning reality shows a different picture because the machine does ... nothing. It seems to have crashed. A situation that nobody likes and everybody knows. There's only one thing to do: Restart and hope.

At this point our Monday morning reality can become true in three different settings:

We really do not wish for Scenario A, where we do not have any backup of the machine data. This means that all the settings and data that were adjusted to my production are gone. The individual production and configuration data of the machine are lost. Thus, no data backup exists.

Scenario B is a little better though: Fortunately, there is a manual backup of the production and configuration data. However, it takes a while to find them right away. Finally, the corresponding hard disk is found in the production supervisor’s office. But the last storage state is six months ago. In terms of production data, it can be called the ‘Stone Age’ and therefore it is not really useful anymore.

Finally, our recommended scenario is the third one, because in this setting the machine is connected to tapio and saves the production data and setting data in a regular interval. Not only is tapio the safest place to store data, but it is also the fastest connection to upload the data back to the machine and use the Monday morning as you want it to be: productive.

DataSave on machine

DataSave is the keyword to safely get through scenario C and prevent data loss on your machines.

DataSave covers the following functions:

+ Data backup of production and configuration files
DataSave automatically creates backups of your machine data.

+ Individual backup time
You can define individually when the backup should be executed for each machine with a DataSave license. The backup is automated and safely stored on tapio for all supported machines.

+ Secure and always available in the cloud
As long as the internet connection to your machine is guaranteed, you can retrieve the production and configuration data via tapio at any time and restore them for your machine. This protects your machine and configuration know-how and enables faster service in case of malfunction.

For which machines is DataSave available?

DataSave is available for machines whose manufacturers are tapio partners and have integrated their machines (tapio ready). It is best to have the availability confirmed by your manufacturer, as this can depend on the machine type and machine manufacturer and should be checked individually. Read more about “tapio ready” status of your machines in our FAQ.

How can I get DataSave and where can I buy it?

Once it is confirmed that your machine is "tapio ready", the start is made quickly: You register your company and add the machines to your company account. The connection to tapio ready machines is automated as a free service. In the next step, you buy your DataSave licenses in the tapio shop and assign them to the machines.

As a final step, you define the regular time of the automated backup on the respective machine using the corresponding application of the manufacturer.

All this ensures a secured production and saves costs and time for protecting and restoring data. Finally, the machine returns to production mode more quickly after a crash. Thus, DataSave will ensure less stressful Monday mornings.