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See the individual aspect.
Get the bigger picture.

Whether machine-based, non-machine-based, business process, production process – nowadays it is more important than ever to harmonise all details and parameters along the value chain.

This means it is essential to coordinate the entire process – from the production phase to the processes and the data streams.

tapio can do this.

Solutions for the field.
From the field.

Wood industry is a complex business. It goes without saying that an understanding of the demands of partners and customers is just as important as the development of technologies and trends.

Yet what kind of digital opportunities present themselves? What will the end consumer want in future? And how will services develop?

tapio provides the answers, as tapio embraces machine-based competence, software expertise, consulting excellence and service proficiency – and is committed to taking the wood industry to a new level.

tapio generates intelligence from a wealth of data, which businesses in the wood industry can use for their own gain. This protects investments for the future.

Open to partners.
And new solutions.

tapio gives a home to all wood industry-related technological solutions. This digital space provides open interfaces to all partners, customers and technologies. As such, older machines can be integrated just as easily as our partners’ software solutions or products made by other manufacturers. With tapio we can work together to solve the digital challenges that lie ahead – and we are looking forward to it.


tapio – the digital platform for the wood industry value chain.

Performance made up
of zeros and ones:

Our tapio products.


Transparent production for optimized productivity

mesboard displays information on production progress and the status of all workstations for the current day, and also monitors the processes keeps you up to date by means of cloud-based services on mobile devices. mesboard immediately sends a warning when a critical value exceeds or falls below a certain level.

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Get help fast.

serviceboard ensures that errors can be identified quickly and easily with the aid of video diagnoses, so that a solution can be implemented straight away. serviceboard also makes it possible to remedy faults rapidly and where possible by yourself. The servicing also avoids unplanned interruptions during production thanks to forward-looking maintenance.

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Prevent downtime.

datasave makes smaller and larger data losses and the associated problems a thing of the past. The solution ensures that all the latest system data for the machines is stored in a central cloud and made immediately available as and when needed.


Keeping consumption in check.
And under control.

Always an issue:

Data security.

Whether a smaller company, medium-sized business or global corporation:

tapio naturally complies with the highest standards. Among other things, it is involved in IUNO, the national reference project for IT security coordinated by HOMAG within the context of Industry 4.0. The project backed by the federal government brings together 21 renowned partners of various sizes from the world of industry and research.

In addition, tapio works with major renowned software partners such as Microsoft and Software AG.

Full transparency.
With tapio.

tapio stands for ‘tap, input, output’ – so for only a few clicks to a solution. Furthermore, Tapio is the god of the forest according to Nordic mythology.

tapio is the digital platform for the value chain in the wood industry.

All HOMAG machines sold after LIGNA are already ready to be connected to tapio.

Existing HOMAG machines as well as non-HOMAG machines must be rechecked in advance before they can go online. We will be happy to help you in this process.

You can use tapio on all smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and PCs.

As soon as your machine is connected to tapio, you can use the following four products: serviceboard, machineboard, mesboard and datasave.

HOMAG tapio products like MachineBoard are available free of charge with the purchase of the machine. You can buy other products like ServiceBoard and DataSave either as part of a service package or on their own. You can buy MESBoard in combination with an MES system from HOMAG.

The same requirements apply in order to connect a machine with tapio as with TeleService. All you need is an Internet connection.

tapio is the first digital open platform for the wood industry.

So partners can take part in it and offer shared products and services for the customers on the platform.

Highly complex analyses are made possible through the use of modern digital tools, which tapio uses to generate intelligence from a wealth of data, which our customers can use for their own gain.

tapio will safely accompany you on your way to the digital world of tomorrow.

With simple products, you have the ability to quickly review and control your production, as well as to easily maintain and optimise it – across the entire value chain.

tapio stands for machine-based competence. For software expertise. For consulting excellence. For service proficiency. For the commitment of taking the wood industry to a new level.

This ensures your investments for the future.

tapio uses a highly secure environment in which data is anonymised before it is combined. Here, tapio works with experts from research projects across Germany as well as large software partners such as Microsoft or Software AG.

Depending on the product, the data is processed once again and made available to you as a digital solution adapted for your needs.

tapio is there for you.

Further information.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information regarding tapio products. During LIGNA, you can find us at the HOMAG stand in Hall 14 – but we are also available even after the conclusion of LIGNA, of course.

Simply make an appointment for a consultation:

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