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How tapio partners use ServiceBoard
for digital customer service

let's face it

A customer's perpective

The workshop of most customers is quite diverse: Machines and materials from different manufacturers are used. Imagine the following scenario: Your customer "Joey" has a problem with a machine or a tool.

Joey wants only one thing: a quick solution - and that through simple communication!

What if all our customers could cover their complete service for different machines and materials with just one app?

In the following four steps, we show how this looks like from the perspective of a tapio partner, e.g., as a service partner.

Step 1

Problem description in the app

The machine is making strange noises, maintenance is due or there is even a machine stoppage? A new service ticket is created in the ServiceBoard with just a few clicks:

  • Select recipient (service partner)
  • Enter machine number or material identification
  • Describe the problem and add pictures if necessary

By the way: Your customer would like to tell you more information additionally? Your customer can add a comment to a service ticket that has already been sent at any time, for example if there are new information about the problem.

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Step 2

Ticket directed to the service partner

Regardless of whether the service partner uses its own ticket system/ CRM or the ticket system "ServiceDesk" provided by tapio, the service ticket arrives at the right place within a few seconds. As a service partner, you now have the following options:

  1. Response within the ServiceBoard App:
    Your customer gets a notification on his smartphone/tablet when you as a service partner have sent him a response with, for example, pictures or documents.

  2. Video call through the ServiceBoard app:
    You as a service partner can start a video call with your customer inside the app to help or to better understand the issue.
Step 3

Making a video call

To better understand the problem and help your customer solve it, you can start a video call. The service technician can open this conveniently via a link in his ticket system/CRM in the browser.

The customer then gets the notification in the app that a "video diagnosis" is available and can easily join it via the ServiceBoard.

This is a straightforward and simple way to identify a possible solution. The service technician gets an insight into the current situation via video and is not only dependent on verbal explanations.

In this way, the service technician can guide the customer and can explain which part, if any, needs to be addressed. Perhaps the service technician will also recognize which spare part needs to be ordered.

Step 4

Problem solved

Whether via video call, via a response in the ServiceBoard or via a classic telephone callback:

Once the issue has been answered and resolved, the service partner can add the final solution to the service ticket, attach documents if necessary, and set the status to "resolved".

This means that the service case is documented for the customer in the ServiceBoard app and can be viewed at any time.

Real added value for your customers!

be part of the ecosystem

Becoming a tapio partner

Digital solutions are in demand like never before, and not just because of the current pandemic situation. We recognize that tapio customers are using spare capacity to better equip themselves for the digital future.

Feel free to contact us to get started with the right partner program in the tapio ecosystem. We are looking forward to discussing the perfect fit and business model for your company within the tapio ecosystem.