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Manage tools digitally & easily - insights into the twinio app

Never search for tools again! With twinio, simply scan tools with your smartphone and manage them digitally.

With twinio, you can manage your tools digitally. This gives you a quick and easy overview of your operating resources - on your smartphone and desktop. This concerns, for example, the storage location of the CNC tools or the running meters of the saw blades.
In the online event, we will present the twinio web app with its latest features and show how twinio eases your tool management.

twinio at a glance:
+ Overview of all tools from different manufacturers in one web app
+ Easily scan & identify tools
+ Simply create tools in the twinio app & manage storage locations

You can watch the entire webinar in form of a video on YouTube.

Live.HOMAG Event

Service, maintenance, & video diagnosis with the ServiceBoard

Save costs & time on machine service with the ServiceBoard app.

With the ServiceBoard you save costs and valuable time during machine service. You can solve potential machine problems faster and get an overview of all your service cases - on your smartphone and tablet. This applies, for example, to currently unresolved service tickets and service cases that have already been solved with a documented solution, and an overview of maintenance.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Overview of service cases of your production and your machines.
  • Create a service ticket with just a few clicks
  • Solve the problem via video diagnosis with the service technician.

You can watch the entire webinar in form of a video on YouTube.


Personal exchange. Made easy.

HOMAG opens its doors for you: Webinars, live demonstrations and face-to-face discussions through the LIVE.HOMAG event

Here you decide for yourself what interests you and which of the over 500 events you would like to attend. Through Live.HOMAG you get info & knowledge for the craft and industrial productions. From May 10 to June 10 everything about solutions directly from the manufacturer: machines, plants, production technologies, concepts and software - live from Horb and Holzbronn and of course from our desks to your home or workplace. The focus is on topics that will help shape the future of woodworking: Apps and digital helpers for the workshop and production, batch size 1 manufacturing and solutions for solid wood.

Digital solutions: the new way to increase efficiency

We want to support carpenters and joiners in their everyday work in the workshop. To this end, we have developed practical digital helpers that make everyday work easier: whether organizing edgeband or panel material, managing tools, optimizing offcuts or servicing your woodworking machines yourself - HOMAG and tapio have something in store.
At Live.HOMAG, we show you that there is digital support for every workstation in the joinery that you can try out easily, free of charge and without complications.

Learn & inform from past tapio webinars

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tapio training workshop with digital experts
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We show real-life examples, invite customers and tapio-partners, and explain how to
make production more efficient in small steps.

The one-hour webinars present and discuss the essential information on digitization
for furniture manufacturers, machine operators & carpenters and everyone
involved or interested in the wood industry.

What our participants said

Carpenters & Machine Operators

“Nice way to introduce digital tool management.
A practical demonstration of exploring twinio/tapio would also be very interesting.”

(Webinar-Teilnehmer from Portugal)

"The topic was interesting, absolutely practice-oriented! Top!"
(Webinar participants from Germany)

"Very interesting conversation, varied presentation. Very good overall."
(Webinar participants from Germany)

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