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Digitization with a networked mindset

Your workshop and production is colorful, and so machines, tools, and materials from different manufacturers and brands are used. We want to digitally map this colorful picture of the workshop for you and make it digitally usable!

tapio creates a technological basis for essential digital services that can be used by many.

For example, you only need one login for various digital applications. You can then use tapio products and those of partners, such as the HOMAG apps.

Starter package by tapio

All essential starter products in one package:

  • MachineBoard (1 machine)
  • DataSave (2 machines) and
  • ServiceBoard (5 machines)

Save the price advantage and have full flexibility at the same time.

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App packages from HOMAG
for efficient workshop & production

from practice

How twinio simplifies tool management

The medium-sized production facility of metawell works with twinio for tool management for CNC tools. Read more about how production manager Manuel Wallesch introduced the tool management by tapio and at which points it significantly improved the process flow.

data security & rules of the game

What you should know about
data management at tapio

Why you should remain the master of your own data

We read and hear everywhere that data seems to be the gold of the digital age. Yet, many of us are reticent and first want to understand what is happening with our data, e.g., data from the machine or, indeed, production-related data. And that's exactly the right approach!
We at tapio have found answers to questions around data security and data ownership and want to set fair standards in the wood industry for your security.

tapio is the guardian with the key chain

tapio provides you with an environment in My tapio where you can create data about your digital workshop. You create the digital image of the physical reality of your workshop.
This starts with your woodworking machines to storage locations in the workshop to various tools and materials and your team, the tapio users. This is all your data, which is accessible only to you, to better carry out your everyday work in the workshop or production. For this, you need your data, which remains exclusively in your data container.
If you want to use different apps, you can individually activate your data for each app. To do so, you confirm the respective terms of use of an app. This app then only accesses the data you have released. And nothing else!
For precisely this use of specific data, our tapio partners and we have created and agreed on terms of use that you can read, check, and confirm with a checkmark at the beginning.
Thus, you have the only key to the use of your data. Once you have agreed to the terms of use of a particular app, tapio is there to make this data securely accessible to the chosen app.
A frugal, digital ecosystem, which allows you to remain master of your data.

tapio provides you with the keys to data that tapio partners provide for you

Our tapio partners also have data containers for their data, which we have created specifically for their needs and provisioning. For example, as of December 2020, these data containers contain data on machine connectivity and availability and tool and material data. Here, too, the collection and use or provision of the data is governed by contracts and conditions.
The only difference is that this tapio partner data is accessible to you and your digital workshop and production, and the tapio partners, thus, release the container for you.
tapio provides you with a tapio key to use, for example, tool data if you have opted for the twinio web app for tool management. The key to data provided by tapio partners gives you even faster access to the digital world.

You have your (data) keys in your hand

Bottom line: Only you decide what happens with your data. The tapio ecosystem ensures that you can manage your data in a self-determined manner and use it in different applications. And all this in a multi-secured environment.

The tapio ecosystem was developed by experts for experts from the wood industry. The entire environment of My tapio is free of charge.
The data from your workshop and production is existent anyway. We make it accessible to you and enable you to use it for more efficiency in your everyday work.
With twinio, you can create and manage all tools and materials from your workshop and production. From our integrated tapio partners, LEUCO and AKE, you even receive original data directly via scan.
data security at tapio

Without data nothing works

To use tapio and apps from tapio or tapio partners, data is, of course, the bottom line and success factor of your digital workshop. And that's precisely why data security and data sovereignty are top priorities at tapio. We explain exactly what we pay attention to in the short video clip.

tapio support

For technical questions about tapio

Can we assist you by registering with My tapio, or show you around My tapio? Or can we support you in solving any technical issues with My tapio? Please feel free to reach out to our tapio team from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (CET):

+49 7445 8379 949

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