digital solution suggestions

Fix machine error messages yourself
with serviceAssist


An app for finding solutions to error messages from your HOMAG machines

Unknown malfunction and error messages are displayed on your HOMAG machine? There are situations in which even experienced machine operators are clueless. The new serviceAssist app will help you in precisely these moments in the future and show you suitable and proven solution suggestions - and without the direct help of a service employee.
Keep your production running and rely on the digital assistant serviceAssist - The digital support for every machine operator.

Simply download the serviceAssist app and use it 30 days for free.

smart problem identification

Proven solution suggestions according to probability

As soon as an error message occurs on your HOMAG machine, it is displayed in the serviceAssist app. For your own troubleshooting, suitable and proven solution suggestions are displayed with the implementation time in each case according to probability of success.

with feedback to success

Perform solution suggestions and share result

After performing the solution procedure for resolving the error, you can indicate in the app if the information was helpful. With the continuous improvement and enhancement of the serviceAssist application, the success probabilities can be indicated more accurately.

digital service

Contact service directly from the serviceAssist app

If none of the suggested solutions were helpful, a service ticket can be sent to the machine manufacturer directly in the serviceAssist app through an interface with the tapio ServiceBoard.

All the functions for service tickets, video diagnostics and remote maintenance for error solving can be found in the ServiceBoard app.

Knowledge transfer

Profit from existing approaches to solve machine failures

serviceAssist has access to a large pool of information and experience. From anywhere in the world, HOMAG machines connected to tapio report error messages and sensor data to it. The knowledge of service technicians and developers also flows into the solution finding process. Feedback from machine operators on the usefulness of various proposed solutions for troubleshooting is also included in the analysis of all data. The result is the solution suggestions in the serviceAssist app.

Solution finding in different sizes

The right package for your
digital support


1 month free of charge


20 EUR

each month1


200 EUR

per year1

How to activate your serviceAssist license


Register your company at and invite your colleagues as users.


Register your "tapio-ready" machines of integrated tapio partners and connect the machines to tapio within your company account in


Go to the tapio shop, select a package and buy your serviceAssist license.


Assign the purchased serviceAssist licenses to your machines and add additional packages if necessary.


Take your mobile device and download the serviceAssist App from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore.


Open the app on your mobile device and log in with your tapio user account. Off you go!

use ServiceAssist

Technical requirements
for the help to self-help

+ Mobile devices Android 6 or later or
iOS 12.0 or later
+ Internet connection Download min. 6.000 kbit/s
Upload min. 6.000 kbit/s
+ Machines Can be used for following HOMAG machines which are "tapio-ready" (with powerControl V2 control system)
SORTBOT R-300 (RKT100), PAQTEQ C-250 (VKS200, VKS250), CABTEQ T-200 (MDE120), CABTEQ T-250 (MDE160), STORETEQ S-200 (TLF212), CENTATEQ P/E-300 (BMG311, BMG312), CENTATEQ P/E-310 (BMG310), CENTATEQ P-500 (BMG511, BMG512), CENTATEQ P-600 (BMG611), CENTATEQ S-800 (BMB8xx), CENTATEQ S-900 (BMB9xx), EDGETEQ S-380 (KDF6xx), SAWTEQ B-300 (HPP300), SAWTEQ B-400 (HPP400), SAWTEQ B-500 (HPP500), WALLTEQ M-120 (WMS060)
tapio support

For technical questions about tapio

Can we assist you by registering with My tapio, or show you around My tapio? Or can we support you in solving any technical issues with My tapio? Please feel free to reach out to our tapio team from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (CET):

+49 7445 8379 949

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