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How can you create values in digitization with the help of tapio?

If you are a machine, tool, or material manufacturer and want to offer digital solutions to your customers, you need a variety of basic functions that do not differentiate you from competition but require costly development and maintenance.

Why not sharing this infrastructure with others in the same industry and split costs? At tapio, we offer our partners a range of features, such as a store, billing as a service model, machine connectivity, and integration with industry-specific applications.

Why is this helpful?

You keep focused on your business know-how with the needs and use cases of your customers. This gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors. Since you don't have to deal with basic topics, that are essential for the functioning of applications, you build your digital points of difference for your customer segment.

The reality at your customers’ workshop and why silo platforms are not enough

Furthermore, it is of high importance to look through the glasses of our customers:

Machines, tools, and materials from a wide variety of manufacturers come together in customers' production. If these respective players now offer their own silo platform, synergies remain unused.

The interaction of individual assets, i.e., machines, materials and tools, is only possible if all participants use a common basis. Thus, network effects can never be underestimated and need to be considered wisely in order to succeed in the digital game.

In addition to the technological basis of tapio, there are clear rules of interaction within tapio that are unique and specifically defined for the woodworking industry.

The customer benefits from the openness of the ecosystem, and the partners involved profit from the rules of game that are defined in the digital world of tapio.

With tapio ...

  • your customer has one single login & instant access to all digital solutions
  • you use tapio's safe and secure technologies and infrastructures
  • you have a regulated environment for data usage for your company and that of your customers
  • get support for integrating your company into existing tapio apps or for establishing your own app within the tapio ecosystem

Big plus with tapio

  • more than 20,000 machines, tools, and materials use tapio services
  • more than 10 digital products available in the tapio store
  • tapio is represented in more than 30 countries, also via resellers
  • dynamic distribution to regional instances ensure better latency
  • connect your own user accounts
  • no unnecessary costs as you only pay what you need

As a tapio partner you...

... can easily & quickly integrate your company into the digital ecosystem.

This eliminates the need of own investments for setting up complex structures and systems. You focus on your business know-how and your core competencies.

... offer your customers industry-specific, new digital services & opportunities.

Synergies arise, e.g., through integration and data exchange in the open, neutral ecosystem. We can also provide support in the development of your own applications and the licensing models that can be freely designed.

... benefit from the secure tapio technology and the standards set by tapio.

The topic of data ownership is defined and creates high trust among customers. High availability as well as secure and closed data transfer is also guaranteed via tapio.

... profit from potential new business models that can emerge for you.

Depending on the use case and level of integration, new revenue models can be generated, e.g., via revenue or participation share models for SaaS products for tapio partners. Billing and license management is handled by tapio.

tapio for tool & material manufacturers

What if all tool and material data were available digitally and different applications could access selected data?

This is exactly the case for you as a manufacturer of tools and materials. For example, you can provide your customers with the tool parameters of your previously analog tool accompanying card in digital form. Your customers can then work with this data dynamically in the twinio application.

Depending on the type of integration, tapio customers can use their tool catalog data or even tool-specific data to digitally map initial use cases, such as tool-specific limit value observation or location tracking.

In addition, service providers for sharpening and grinding have the option of digitally integrating themselves into the tool cycle. This gives sharpening services access to defined tool data of a customer tool and the service provider updates the tool data directly after sharpening. Your customers can then use the recently sharpened tools, including current data records, productively again by scanning them.

Similar possibilities are created for material data that material manufacurers can provide through the tapio ecosystem. Applications inside the ecosystem can access and process provided data and, thus, enrich shared production data. This example shows quite practically that value is created through data inside the defined play ground of the ecosystem.

tapio for machine manufacturers

tapio enables you to digitize your machines in just a few steps which is a pre-requisite for your customers using the digital solutions of tapio and tapio partners. In one step, your customers' production and workshop is digitally mapped and managed.

At tapio, we provide the secure infrastructure and guarantee high security standards for all data. In this way, we offer the cross-manufacturer solution with just one system.

How machines get connected

With the CloudConnector for machines, tapio opens the door to your customers' digital workshop. Thus, the physical world of the machine is being connected with the digital world of the tapio ecosystem.

tapio CloudConnector is a piece of software, which we're using to connect woodworking machines with our digital ecosystem. It gets installed on the machine itself, or on a computer, which has network access to the machine. The CloudConnector runs as a service and provides an OPC UA Interface to receive state and notifications from a machine. Thus, using an OPC UA interface, you are easily and securely part of the tapio ecosystem.

CloudConnector is compatible with all major platforms, including .NET Core, Linux x64, Windows 86, and Linux ARM. Once the interface is installed on the machine, it can be easily and conveniently managed remotely.

As a tapio partner, first, you save high development and annoying update costs of your own software as we from tapio take care of secure data transfer between machines and the cloud. Second, you retain control at all times over which application provider is allowed to access data from your machines.

statement from tapio partners

LEUCO on the availability of
digital tool management

Your customers' needs should be central to all efforts and they should benefit most when it comes to digitalization, for example, with the tool management twinio.

growing ecosystem

Digitizing the wood industry as a tapio partner

Our tapio partners are of well-known manufacturers of machines, tools, & materials as well as software providers.

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Becoming a tapio partner

Digital solutions are in demand like never before, and not just because of the current pandemic situation. We recognize that tapio customers are using spare capacity to better equip themselves for the digital future.

Feel free to contact us to get started with the right partner program in the tapio ecosystem. We are looking forward to discussing the perfect fit and business model for your company within the tapio ecosystem.

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