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Why the open, digital ecosystem for tapio partners?

If you are a machine or material manufacturer and want to offer digital solutions to your customers, you need a technology platform on which, for example, your applications run. Before you start developing your own maintenance- and development-intense software and infrastructures with high effort and costs, take a look at your customers' perspective and tapio's solution.

Manufacturer-specific or vendor platforms can be labelled as silo solutions in which the user finds only limited synergies because of the closed environment. In case of silo solutions, the customer has to sign up for multiple vendor platforms for his/her colorful workshop.

At tapio, we do things differently and ensure that the workshop's colorful diversity is mapped in one place in the digital world.

With tapio ...

  • your customer has one single login & instant access to all digital solutions
  • you use tapio's safe and secure technologies and infrastructures
  • you have a regulated environment for data usage for your company and that of your customers
  • get support for integrating your company into existing tapio apps or for establishing your own app within the tapio ecosystem

statement from tapio partners

LEUCO on the availability of
digital tool management

Your customers' needs should be central to all efforts and they should benefit most when it comes to digitalization, for example, with the tool management twinio.

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Digitizing the wood industry as a tapio partner

Our tapio partners are of well-known manufacturers of machines, tools, & materials as well as software providers.

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Become a tapio partner

Empower your customers with new benefits through digital products and services for a more efficient and digital workshop. Make your customers' daily work easier and reach out to the new generation of machine operators, production managers, and carpenters in the woodworking industry.

Digital solutions are in demand like never before, and not just because of the current pandemic situation. We note that tapio users are using spare capacity to better equip themselves for the digital future. Feel free to contact us to get started with the right partner program in the tapio ecosystem.

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