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Manage your workshop with ease in My tapio

My tapio customer account

What is My tapio and how to use it?

Your workshop is colorful and consists of many different materials, tools, and woodworking machines. To make your production more efficient through digital tools, it also requires a digital environment.

In a nutshell, My tapio is the customer account of your entire workshop & production. My tapio is, thus, the basis for using digital tools from tapio and tapio partners.

After registering with tapio, you can digitally manage your physical workshop by adding woodworking machines, tools, users, and much more. Discover My tapio now.

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Manage your entire workshop digitally with My tapio

Add machines

Add all woodworking machines - tapio checks which machines are tapio-ready and connects them free of charge.


Manage apps

Orchestrate all purchased or activated app licenses from tapio and tapio partners.


Invite user

Invite any number of colleagues to My tapio and authorize them for various apps.

Build production

Digitally map the physical workshop into halls, machines, storage locations, and more, to use them across apps.

Create service partner

For a digital remote service, you can manage your (machine) service partner relationships here.


Set up support access

For support in apps or in My tapio, share an access here for tapio and partners.

machine status

What happens when I add machines to My tapio?

In verification
After you add your woodworking machines via QuickConnect or EasyAdd, we check machine connectivity and whether your machine is tapio-ready.

If your woodworking machine is tapio-ready, it will automatically be connected to tapio completely free of charge and can used for digital products.

If your woodworking machine is not tapio-ready, you will receive separate information from tapio about possible updates from your machine manufacturer. Nevertheless, you can still use some digital apps for this machine with a limited connectivity, such as ServiceBoard.

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My tapio explained in 3 min

Jan explains how to find your way around in My tapio and which steps are possible. Furthermore, he explains the individual tabs for machines, applications, users, service partners, and production, as well as the status of your machines.

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Everything you need to know about My tapio at a glance

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Need help registering with tapio or for adding your woodworking machines? Here you find the tapio Help & FAQ page, with a step-by-step guide for a perfect start with My tapio as well as a detailed answers to common questions.

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What might be worth knowing about My tapio in detail

tapio support

For technical questions about tapio

Can we assist you by registering with My tapio, or show you around My tapio? Or can we support you in solving any technical issues with My tapio? Please feel free to reach out to our tapio team from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (CET) Use the following phone number or email to get in touch:

+49 7445 8379 949

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The My tapio FAQ

How to register at My tapio?

If you want to use tapio for your company, all you need is one registration.

>>> Click here to register at My tapio

Registered in My tapio you can manage users, add machines and buy apps from us and our partners in the tapio shop. All this with only one tapio account.
What is a tapio Administrator?

A tapio administrator is a user in a tapio company account with the role "Administrator". As an administrator you can add colleagues, i.e. other users, and change their roles. The tapio administrator can also manage apps and machines. The creator of a tapio company account is always automatically tapio Administrator.

What must I provide to connect my machines to tapio?

To connect a machine with tapio all you need is an internet connection.

How to add my machines to my tapio account?

To add machines to your tapio account, you can use EasyAdd or QuickConnect.

EasyAdd: Click in "My tapio" >> "Equipment" >> "Add" and follow the instructions for EasyAdd. The machine will then be checked for tapio-readiness by the manufacturer and you will receive a mail with all information.

QuickConnect: If your machine is equipped with QuickConnect, you only have to follow the instructions at the same place and your machine is directly connected to tapio.
What is QuickConnect and how can I use it?

QuickConnect is a feature to add machines even faster to tapio. Simply start in your tapio account (My tapio) > "Equipment" > "Add" and select the option "Use QuickConnect" at the bottom left.

For HOMAG machines you will find QuickConnect in the powerTouch menu > "Other applications" > "tapio QuickConnect". You do not have a QuickConnect on your machine? Simply use EasyAdd to connect machines to tapio.
How do I organize my production and storage locations in My tapio?

In My tapio, you can create and organize your complete production digitally. Everything you create in My tapio in your company account will be used for all tapio products you use.

Organize your machines by creating groups. You will see this organization, for example, in the MachineBoard App.

Create also storage locations you have in the company in My tapio. You can see these storage locations in our new App twinio.

You don't have to comply with any specifications, name your halls, machines, and warehouse locations as it is convenient for you.

How can I add more users?

After registering at tapio, you can add your colleagues as users to tapio. All you need is their e-mail-addresses. After that, they get an invitation to register for themselves.
What is the support-access?

With the support access you can unlock access to your My tapio or your apps for a tapio partner. After activation, employees of this tapio partner can log in for a certain period of time and make changes. This is helpful if you need help setting up tapio or apps or if there is a problem. Please note that you should inform the tapio partner (for example via e-mail, telephone or via the ServiceBoard) when you activate the support access. You can deactivate the support-access at any time.

What is a service partner?

A service partner is a partner, who provides a service via tapio.

In ServiceBoard, this happens as follows: You can add service partners to your tapio account to send service requests and solve them e.g. via Video Diagnosis. You can add as many service partners as you like - you simply choose in the ServiceBoard web app which ServicePartner will receive your service request. When you add a service partner, your customer number or your machine numbers are sent to them to identify you as a customer.

Service Partners are also important for users of the the "Digital Sharpening" Add-on, which can be booked as an addition to the twinio Basic license. You can add a service partner to your tapio account and request the service partner to sharpen your tools. When you add a service partner, your customer number is sent to them to identify you as a customer.

How do I assign product licenses to machines and users?

Assigning product licenses to machines and users is easy. In My tapio, you can manage all your purchased licenses under Applications. Click on "Assign machine" or "Assign user" for the respective license and select from your created users and machines.