Manage materials digitally

Gain an overview of your material with materialManager


A web app for managing your material

With materialManager, confusing edgeband stacks, long searches for the right edgeband, or panel material and unnecessary material reorders are a thing of the past!

In the app, you get an overview of all materials used in your workshop and production - without restrictions. You can digitally create whatever material you are using in furniture production or general woodworking.


The materialManager provides you with all the information you need about your edgebands

Creating your edgebands digitally is as easy as retrieving them. With just one click, you can immediately see where there is still available edgeband material for your job is located.

You can see the remaining stock, i.e., the edgeband lengths. In this way, you avoid unnecessary costs for new orders and, thus, you also save valuable storage space.

Add edgeband type

Create materials like edgebands easily in the web app

Enter all edgebands easily on your laptop or PC. You only have to specify the respective edgeband once with the required data, or insert it via drag & drop. For this purpose, you can always amend and manage your inventory and stock.

edgebands in detail

All information
regarding the edgebands on hand

When you select an edgeband from the overview, the respective edgeband profile appears. Here, you will find information on the type of material, length, width, thickness, and decor. You can see all relevant data at a glance. You can also manage all information here at any time.

edgeband stocks

One view to all stocks of one type of edgeband

The advantage at materialManager: You don't have to create the same edgeband rolls multiple times, because for this we have the stock management.
Here, you can manage all stocks, such as rolls and remnants for an edgeband type and specify the respective storage location.


The materialManager provides an overview of all panel materials

All dimensions and quantities of panels, distributed in the warehouse or in the workshop, in one clear view. There are no limits to the variety of material.

Find your suitable panel material by searching for material code, thickness, length, width, grain or cost per square meter. This will save you time and money, as you can neatly use up remaining stocks.


Use data from materialManager for other applications

You can easily transfer the data records and information of the selected materials from the materialManager for other applications such as materialAssist Edge, intelliDivide or CADmatic from HOMAG.

Manage material digitally

Choose the right package for
for your material management


1 month free of charge


20 EUR

each month1


200 EUR

per year1

In order to use materialManager, you need a product license to log in to the web app. To do so, log in to your My tapio company account and purchase either the 30-day trial license or directly a monthly or annual subscription for materialManager.

No tapio account yet? To buy or test digital products and apps in the tapio Shop, you need a tapio company account. Click here for step-by-step guide for the tapio company account.

materialManager useage

Technical requirements
for using the web app "materialManager"

+ Devices materialManager is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
+ Internet connection DSL, UMTS, LTE:
min. 5 Mbit
recommended 50 Mbit
Internet browser To use materialManager we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser
+ Login With your tapio account login details once you have purchased product licenses for materialManager or when using the 30-day trial version.

How to activate your materialManager license


Register your company at and invite your colleagues as users.


Go to the tapio shop, select a package and buy your intelliDivide license.


Assign the purchased materialManager licenses to your users.


Open materialManager at and log in with your user account.

perfect edge management

The fully comprehensive edgeband assistant

Expand the materialManager with the complete edgeband management set from HOMAG. The set consists of hardware (edgeband rack, label printer, LED lights, scanner...) and of course apps: The set includes the edgeband management at the workstation materialAssist Edge and the central material management in the workshop materialManager.

Together with the Hardare, this is the perfect solution for managing your edgebands.

tapio support

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+49 7445 8379 949

new features for the workshop

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