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Sort cutting plans for optimized workpiece stacks with intelliOptimizer Stacking

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A web app to optimize workpiece stacking for robotic saws

Efficient production processes are essential for the automated production of wood workpieces. For this purpose, our partner HOMAG has developed another helpful application for robotic saws.

With intelliOptimizer Stacking, automation in cutting becomes even more productive! Through customized stacking strategies, intelliOptimizer Stacking provides individual stacking plans for your cutting plans per job during the work preparation phase.

intelliOptimizer Stacking can be used for the HOMAG SAWTEQ B-300/B-400 flexTec robotic saw.

less stacks

Reduce the amount of workpiece stacks by 20% with intelliOptimizer Stacking

Consistent stack-oriented resorting of cutting plans reduces the amount of stacks and thus also stack changes. And the use of wooden pallets is also improved for the robot.

With the improved stack planning through intelliOptimizer Stacking, the intervals between stack changes are thus extended since the robot saw works autonomously for even longer during line cutting, thus enabling less downtime and thus higher productivity.

variant 1

Expanding the optimization software Schnitt Profi(t) with the web app

You simply extend your existing Schnitt Profi(t) software with the intelliOptimizer stacking optimization software. In doing so, your cutting plans are then forwarded directly from Schnitt Profi(t) to intelliOptimizer Stacking, uploaded and analyzed.

This does not change the cutting plans, it reduces the number of workpiece stacks simply by intelligent resorting.

You can compare directly between robot-optimized and performance-optimized production in the process.

variant 2

Using the optimization software through intelliDivide Cutting premium

If you use the intelliDivide Cutting Premium app to optimize your cutting plans, intelliOptimizer Stacking is already integrated and usable free of charge for subsequent stack planning. You have no further costs.

Best of all, intelliDivide Cutting Premium directly takes into account the layout with the HOMAG SAWTEQ B300/B400 flexTec robotic saw when optimizing the cutting of your wood panels and offers you various alternatives to choose from, for example the option for the lowest stacking quantity.

Why you should consider stack optimization

  • Fewer stacks means fewer stack changes and less storage space required.
  • Fewer stack changes extend production time and your daily time saved through reduced makeready time
  • Extends the intervals between stack changes and stretches the extended ghost shifts
  • Purchased in advance, it facilitates the organization of your machine line
  • More parts per work shift
  • Very easy and intuitive to use without any additional knowledge or training required
  • Delivers at the "push of a button" precise stacking suggestions for your goals and optimization requests
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Choose the right package for
sorting your cutting plans


1 month free of charge


95 EUR

each month1


950 EUR

per year1

To use intelliOptimizer Stacking, you need a product license to log in to the web app. To do so, log into your My tapio company account and purchase either the 30-day trial license or directly a monthly or annual subscription to intelliOptimizer Stacking.

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intelliOptimizer Stacking useage

Technical requirements
for using the web app "intelliOptimizer Stacking"

+ Devices intelliOptimizer Stacking is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
+ Internet connection DSL, UMTS, LTE:
min. 5 Mbit
recommended 50 Mbit
+ Internet browser To use intelliOptimizer Stacking we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser
+ Login With your tapio account login details once you have purchased product licenses for intelliOptimizer Stacking or when using the 30-day trial version.

How to activate your intelliOptimizer license


Register your company at my.tapio.one and invite your colleagues as users.


Go to the tapio shop, select a package and buy your intelliOptimizer license.


Assign the purchased intelliOptimizer licenses to your users.


Open intelliDivide at intelliDivide.homag.cloud and log in with your user account.

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