optimize panel dividing

Planning panel dividing with CNC Machines more efficiently with intelliDivide Nesting

intelliDivide Nesting

A web app for optimizing panel dividing in nesting

Upload data and go. The intelliDivide Nesting application provides cost-saving cutting plans for your CNC in no time. Just a few clicks will take you to optimized nesting results that you can then download and apply.

important things at a glance

intelliDivide Nesting shows work preparation all important key figures

After each calculation, all detailed information on the key figures is clearly displayed for you.

This includes waste, production time, number of plates, material costs, waste and remnants, plus parts, parts per minute, tool change...

parts overview

A list of all workpiece parts

Whether freeform or stretched, all job parts are displayed here. You can adjust variable values of the woodWOP programs and adjust various optimization parameters again, e.g. the allowed rotation angle of the parts in the nest.

panel material

View used plate material here in the overview

intelliDivide Nesting takes into account the grain of the individual parts and raw panels when optimizing the cutting plan.

Usable panel material is displayed here, either by manual input, import as file, or automatically when using materialManager, which is included when purchasing intelliDivide Nesting.

including material management

When using intelliDivide Nesting, the materialManager app is included for free

Don't just optimize your CNC's cutting plans, benefit from centralized material management of your material type and plate materials with materialManager.

The special features of intelliDivide Nesting

  • Reduction of manpower, time and, of course, material costs
  • Application for rectangular and free-form parts
  • Automatic calculation of material costs
  • Import of lists and woodWOP programs
  • Output of CSV data for label printers
  • Consideration of the grain progression of all materials and parts
optimize the cut

Choose the right package for
for your cutting optimization


1 month free of charge


95 EUR

each month1


950 EUR

per year1

To use intelliDivide Nesting, you need a product license to log in to the web app. To do so, log into your My tapio company account and purchase either the 30-day trial license or directly a monthly or annual subscription for intelliDivide Nesting.

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intelliDivide Nesting useage

Technical requirements
for using the web app "intelliDivide Nesting"

+ Devices intelliDivide Nesting is a browser application for use on a PC or laptop
+ Internet connection DSL, UMTS, LTE:
min. 5 Mbit
recommended 50 Mbit
+ Internet browser To use intelliDivide Nesting we recommend using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser
+ Login With your tapio account login details once you have purchased product licenses for intelliDivide Nesting or when using the 30-day trial version.

How to activate your intelliDivide license


Register your company at my.tapio.one and invite your colleagues as users.


Go to the tapio shop, select a package and buy your intelliDivide license.


Assign the purchased intelliDivide licenses to your users.


Open intelliDivide at intelliDivide.homag.cloud and log in with your user account.

perfect cutting optimization

The fully comprehensive cutting assistant

Expand intelliDivide Cutting with the complete Cutting Production Set from HOMAG. The set consists of hardware , the label printer, the HOMAG Cube and of course the apps.

The set includes the intelliDivide Cutting optimization software, the productionAssist Cutting wizard for manual cutting and the materialManager central material management system.
Together with the label printer, this is the perfect solution for your cutting, with any saw . You can find more information at HOMAG.

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For technical questions about tapio

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+49 7445 8379 949

More information on digital.homag.com

Everything else you need to know about the
cutting optimization for nesting machines!

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