Tim Clermont

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Where can you see your invoices?

Day-to-day life is often hectic and sometimes an invoice is overlooked. In "My account" it is very easy to get an overview of all invoices and their status.

First select the tab "My account" in "My tapio":


Then the suitcase symbol "Account" appears:


Then you can select the menu item "invoice history" in the first tab "Orders and invoices" and click here on "View invoice history":

Rechnungen Step1

You will then see all invoices and can select the invoice you are interested in:

Rechnungen Step2

By clicking on the desired invoice, you will receive further information about it and can save it again as a PDF file on your computer by clicking on the "Download invoice" button.

Rechnungen Step3

This gives you an overview of all invoices and you can download a document again if necessary.