Christian Neumann

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When ideas become reality

Our partners share how they experienced our event "Hack The Wood". Great impressions this time out of the partner perspective.

In five tasks, ideas were to become a reality through technology, for example with artificial intelligence and image recognition, with networks between the analog and digital worlds or with improved integration of machines.

Thanks to our partners Henkel, Hettich, HOMAG, and Venjakob, there were exciting challenges that did justice to the real everyday life of the end users.

"It's nice to see in which directions it can go. There are already approaches that you didn't even have on your screen. It's nice to be able to think out-of-the-box, to see new views, to be able to break new ground." Thorsten Niedick, Hettich

"I am enthusiastic about what the teams have achieved, each of them individually, in my opinion, has worked out perfect solutions in a concise time." Dominik Osthues, Venjakob

"Therefore, much more will emerge in the future than we can imagine today." Christian Neumann, tapio

Many thanks also to our technology partners AIT and Microsoft, who supported us during the Hackathon!

On YouTube you can find a short video clip of the Hack the wood Event 2019.