Tim Clermont

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The basics of the most important terms in our shop

Products and licenses what is it and where is the difference?

When I buy something in the tapio shop, words like product, license, subscription, contract period, and billing period appear. But what exactly do they mean?


Products can either be provided by tapio itself (e.g., MachineBoard) or by one of our partners (e.g., HOMAG intelliDivide). The product provides a certain scope of services defined in the product description.


Subscription is a term for the regular purchase of a service (in this case digital products). Products are not sold once by tapio but are made available as a service. As a customer, you purchase a subscription for the service.

Contract duration

The contract period is the time the customer wishes to bind himself to a specific subscription by purchasing it. During the contract period of the subscription, the features of the product can be used, after the expiration of the contract period, the product is no longer available.

Billing period

The current billing period at tapio is always the same as the contract duration. Theoretically, there could also be products that are offered with a contract duration longer than the billing period. We know all offers in which you are contractually bound, e.g., one year, but are billed monthly.


Most products already contain a certain functionality, and if you need additional quantities or functions, you can add licenses within a product. With tapio MachineBoard, the standard product already contains one license for a connected machine. If you want to monitor several machines with the MachineBoard, you can add licenses for further machines.


To illustrate again how everything fits together, here is a small example: I want to connect five machines to the MachineBoard, therefore I first need a subscription MachineBoard e.g. for 1 month with automatic extension (subscription period). This already includes a license for one machine. But since I have five machines, I need four more licenses.