Jan Essig

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tapio is happy about another edge expert in its interactive network

MKT as a new tapio-Partner

Based in Ohrdruf, Thuringia, MKT has been producing first-class plastic edgebandings for the furniture industry for more than 25 years. True to the motto "We make edges", the company takes up the challenge every day to make it even better and more perfect.

Blogpost new Partner MKT Moderne Kunststoff-Technik Gebrüder Eschbach GmbH

MKT has experienced a remarkable development and has become one of the market leaders among European edgeband manufacturers with a global orientation. As a partner to the furniture industry, MKT focuses on customer proximity, quality, and innovative strength. Thus, the company is increasingly investing in research and development to meet the market demands of tomorrow with the innovations of today. Process digitalization is one of the core topics which MKT would like to tackle with tapio, for example, to improve the service for its customers continuously.

We look forward to working together and welcome MKT to the tapio ecosystem.