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tapio Hoodies in dark mode

Introducing the tapio team

Here and there you can see them, the black hoodies with the white inscription tapio and WOOD IS DIGITAL on the back. So far, this has highlighted us well at various events and presented us as a powerful and harmonious team. We often heard "tapio is running over there" from various corners. We liked this so much that we would now like to introduce the people in the hoodies.
Let's start with the fact that each of us got a number, which is located on the back of the hoodie - as in soccer, field hockey or soccer. A real team.


Number 1 - Moritz

No, not our goalkeeper, but software developer, musician and wizard of hard ball hits. Moritz has been with the company since its inception and helped bring tapio into the world, so to speak. You can usually see him sitting at his desk nodding his head to the beat with his Mickey-Mouse noise-cancelling headphones. He doesn't let anyone distract him unless you interfere with his clear field of vision between him and his three screens. Mo always has an open ear for us and is always eager to be helpful. His office hours are Mon - Fri from 11am to open-end, except Tuesdays when there is volleyball practice. Joined as a young student and now software architect & full stack developer on board.

Thats what he said: "Nicer-Dicer"
Killer feature: Imitation of dialects
Surprising info about me: Can play ukulele


Number 2 - Helmut

Also with tapio since its birth. Called Head of Development, he steers the dev teams. Helmut is our calm pulse and always keeps a clear head, no matter how high the water is. He is also a loyal night owl and is usually the last to stay. His passion is sometimes riding his motorcycle in sunny and warm weather, his BMW Sport Tourer always stays sparkling clean.

Thats what he said: "Who's coming to Gino's?"
Killer feature: maximum desk usage
Surprising Info about me: Probably always had snow-white hair

Numbers 3 and 4 would be up for grabs again.... To motivated and innovative developers :-)


Number 5 - Marijo

Marijo also knows tapio since the beginning of 2017, was part of the branding process and is now leading the functionality of the assets (tools & materials) as a technical consultant at tapio. Partners appreciate his availability and support in integrating and implementing digital product ideas. Marijo not only collects our tapio assets, but also his walked steps with his smartwatch and walks as often as he can to the nearest bakery instead of taking the car. When he starts work, you can always meet him with his freshly filled coffee-ToGo cup from home, in a good mood and with a smile on his lips.

Thats what he said: "You are not stuck there"
Killer feature: Can connect any kitchen appliance to tapio
Surprising info about me: Makes his own yogurt


Number 6 - Sabrina

You might have guessed it already, I've also been involved with tapio since its inception, creating and coordinating content for the public themes, i.e. what you get to see from tapio. I guess I ended up in marketing by mistake, because I'm also a night owl alla development and I'm usually out of the car in the morning at the daily meeting. If the computer doesn't work as desired, others around me might notice.

That's what I said: I want a Macbook Pro
Killer feature: Learned to work without apple products
Surprising info about me: Live somewhere else every two years


Number 7 - Christian

Christian shaped tapio into what we see of it today: The open and digital ecosystem of the wood industry. Christian is not only our CEO and rock, but also our mood and sugar bear. With him, we can exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics and usually learn about his existing experiences in this regard. Also his door is always open for us and this is not because of the open open-plan offices, but because of his honestly interested nature. However, if there is noise or microphones are not working, one does well to try again later.

That's what he said: "If it's not in the calendar, it doesn't happen" / "The whole sushi menu, two times please" / Then... happy work ;)
Killer feature: Gets also full of chocolate and Dr. Pepper
Surprising Info about me: I don't like Carneval, even I'm from Cologne


Number 9 - Tim

Tim also joined the tapio team very early on, starting as a carpenter and wood technician in the tapio service department as their contact person for digital products and services. He was a tapio fan straight away and supplied colleagues with tapio-branded goodies such as pens or mugs. Not only is Tim a true digital enthusiast professionally, but all electronic devices in his own home can also be operated remotely. His private workshop is versatile and includes a small CNC machine, a 3D printer and a lase r. Because Tim's service business involves being noisy very often and for long periods of time, he is the only one who enjoys the luxury of a separate office.

That's what he said: "Why borrow when you can buy?"
Killer Feature: Denglish
Surprising Info about me: I'm a fire fighter


Number 10 - Jan

He has worked for international brands and has been to the US several times for this - both for business and pleasure. Jan markets and manages our digital products such as twinio, digital tool management. It is tapio's newest digital product and Jan's baby, so to speak. He appreciates good vibes and likes to spread them, his laugh is contagious and honest. As a mood bear, all he needs now and then is some sushi or music in the studio with Moritz. His data storage is mostly on his desktop or local documents, Sharepoint only if someone asks for it.

That's what he said: "Good vibes only."
Killer Feature: Mood Pusher / Tech Legend
Surprising info about me: Sleeps only 4 hours at night


Number 11 - Cihan

Cihan joined our team in mid-2018 and is coding away with the other developers for tapio's digital products. From MachineBoard to Website, Cihan is on the job delighting us all with new front-end designs. Our vegetarian Turk likes to make us a Turkish tea or lovingly provides us with delicacies typical for the country. Cihan is always in a good mood and has an open ear, even when things are not so easy. He also taught us how to fix our own backs. All in all, he is an extremely good guy and too good for the world. He doesn't like the printer though, which is mutual.

That's what he said: To the printer, "Pressed it again."
Killer feature: Can cook very well
Suprising info about me: Sold carpets at the market when he was nine years old


Number 12 - Mikhail

Our coder, who is from Belarus and lives in Berlin, also joined tapio in mid-2019. Mikhail does software architecture and has an eye and awareness for extensive and complex software systems. A real weapon when it comes to foresight and functionality in software structures. His favorite way of communication is English, but small talk and large team meetings are often held in German. He probably could have been a rapper, because his extremely fast way of talking makes it hard for non-developers to follow. Mikhail is probably the only one of us with an upright sitting position at the desk.

That's what he said: [Long sentence] blah blah. Which means something like "etc."
Killer Feature: Meal-Prepping
Surprising info about me: Born and raised in Minsk


Number 13 - Julia

Julia joined the company in January 2020 after having successfully founded and built up her own business called "holzgespür". In the family carpentry workshop, Julia was in direct exchange with us and our digital products. Now Julia is responsible for digital products at tapio and drives them forward. Likewise, she plays a large and valuable role in marketing and takes care of image and PR. She also built the tapio webinar series, where you can also see her anytime. Julia's favorite words are Moini, Guddi and Halllöööchen, which have become established throughout the company. Likewise, she shines colorful and creative drawings on her laptop and whiteboards.

That's what she said: "Halllöööchen"
Killer feature: Drawing on the Surface Book
Surprising info about me: runs a scouting tribe


Number 14 - Simon

Simon started working for us while still in college and immediately enjoyed us and our digital products. Simon is also a developer and hobby software tinkerer. Everything that can be digitally optimized and mapped is implemented. He too has set up a "digital home" and informed us about the possibilities in the pitch. He is a passionate raver and listens to scooter. Instead of a scooter, he rides a motorcycle, joining the few bikers among us. How his start at tapio went, he reveals to us in his first blogpost about his onboarding during a pandemic.

That's what he said: I took a look at something ...
Killer feature: With him we finally have a paramedic in the house (DRK)
Surprising info about me: Since recently motorcyclist