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Soft- and hardware requirements for tapio services and apps

Can I just use tapio?

"With the latest software and hardware you can use all tapio apps and services." A statement about the necessary requirements could be as simple as this. But is it really that simple? And what is to be considered when integrating the digital tapio services and apps, which should make the workshop more efficient? Which requirements must my hardware and software meet?

The difficulty in defining the prerequisites lies in the great variety of possible combinations of mobile devices, PCs and the software installed on them as well as the general speed with which software and hardware is created. With reasonable effort it is hardly possible to test all existing combinations. To enable you to assess whether an app or service will work with existing or yet to be procured hardware/software, we list the relevant key data for the individual apps and services below.

Am I online yet?

A common requirement is Internet access on the devices on which the apps are to be used. It does not matter whether this Internet connection is established via a WLAN, network cable (LAN) or mobile Internet (LTE,4G,3G) - as long as a stable connection to the Internet is available. Network security devices such as firewalls may be relevant in this context. These monitor and secure Internet access. Under certain circumstances they prevent tapio apps from accessing the internet. This can easily be checked: You test the app over an unrestricted internet access, e.g. mobile internet. Make sure that you do not have a local firewall active on the device. If the app works via free mobile access, a non-functioning of the app could be due to the firewall settings of your Internet access.

The technical requirements of tapio services at a glance

tapio-requirements-app-icons tapio MachineBoard app requirements

MachineBoard - Overview of all machines in your production

  • Android 6 or higher
  • iOS 11 or higher
  • Machine connected to tapio

Product information:

tapio-requirements-app-icons tapio ServiceBoard app requirements

ServiceBoard - simple and fast digital service

  • Android 6 or higher
  • iOS 11 or higher
  • Camera for video telephony and photography

Product information:

tapio-requirements-app-icons tapio DataSave requirements

DataSave - prevents data loss of your machines

  • Machine connected to tapio
  • The machine comes with the DataSave functionality. No additional device (PC, mobile phone) is necessary for this service.

Product information:

tapio-requirements-app-icons tapio twinio app requirements

twinio - digital tool and material management

Technologically twinio is a WebApp and therefore does not need to be installed. This means that functional features depend on the browser version in which twinio is used. twinio can be used in the following versions and higher:

  • Chrome from version 58
  • Firefox from version 55
  • Edge from version 79
  • Safari from iOS 12 with small limitation when saving a QRCode
  • from iOS 13 full functionality
  • Camera when 1D/2D codes are to be scanned

Product information: