Fabian Hornstein

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New Product in tapio shop available

Have you already experienced this?

Have you already experienced this? Most people have had the sad experience of losing data — be that vacation photos, computer backups or a USB stick. This loss is difficult to face and the data cannot be replaced easily — it is a treasure that has developed over a long time. And to protect this treasure, our data is on servers and platforms.

So why then are we not more sensitive with the data from our machines? A computer crashing or a power failure could interrupt the system and the entire production for hours, simply because data was lost after restarting the system. DataSave offers a simple and safe solution. DataSave is a tapio application and is already available in the shop. To use it, all you have to do is register as a customer. Once you have created your machine and it is connected to tapio, you can use DataSave.