Fabian Hornstein

1 min reading time

Grouped machines in "My tapio" - The MachineBoard displays them now

If there are many machines on a shopfloor, it was not always easy to keep track of all machine statuses. Now, the function "Shopfloor" in "My tapio" can help. The groups created here are forwarded directly to the MachineBoard.

No matter whether halls and islands or structured according to the processing type. After logging in to "My tapio," groups can now be created in the "Shopfloor" area, assigned to these machines and the sequence freely determined. This information is then available directly in the MachineBoard and thus enables free sorting and arrangement. The status of a group is determined by the machines in this group. If, for example, one of the machines is in an error state, the entire group is displayed in red. This ensures that you always have a good overview, even in the overall overview.