Christian Neumann

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Let us introduce "My tapio"

My tapio replaces the former admin portal to lay the foundation for new features

Based on the feedback we receive from our customers and partners, we are continually developing further. You don't always see so much of it, because it happens in the background. But now, there is a change that is visible to all our customers.

Until now, there was the "Admin-Portal" as an area where customers could manage machines & users. This also worked well, but we have learned that a little more order is helpful and therefore already a few days ago the "Admin Portal" was better structured. There is a menu on the left side where all functions are listed. This allows you to make particular choices and see only the relevant information on the large area in the middle.

With LIGNA, however, we are adding further functions and expanding the "Admin Portal" into a real command and control center. We have, therefore, decided to make this very clear in our name. Under "My tapio" ( the customer's administrator can make all important settings in the future.

What is new now is that you can create a virtual image of your production under "My Production." This makes it possible to group machines, create storage locations, and create structures that help to keep track. The ingenious thing about it is that all products connected with tapio can use this information.

Find out more at LIGNA (May 27. to 31. in Hanover) Hall 15 booth G05