Julia Kasper

1 min reading time

How to: Setting up interfaces to intelliDivide

Set up the interface between BORM or imos and intelliDivide in 4 simple steps

In this tutorial you will learn how to activate the interface between intelliDivide and BORM or intelliDivide and imos iX within tapio. You wonder, what the interfaces are useful for? You can easily enhance functionality of intelliDivide by using the interfaces into complementary software. Streamline your processes and benefit from a seamless integration.

Check out these two blogposts for further information: Click here to read the blogpost on BORM, click here to be forwarded to the imos blogpost.

Step 1: My tapio

First, log in to My tapio and select the menu item "Your account" in the lower left corner.


Step 2: Account settings

Another tab will open in your browser. In this window, you are now able to amend your account settings. Again, select “account” in the menu on the left with a click.


A new submenu will appear. Please click on "Subscriptions".


Step 3: Extensions for intelliDivide

Now, you will see the list of all your products under subscriptions. Select one of the intelliDivide products for which you want to add the interface to imos or BORM. Next click on "Change Resource Limits” for activating optional features, like one of the interfaces.


Step 4: Switch on the interface

To activate the interface, you simply need to set the "Switch" to On. The additional price including VAT will be displayed under "Fee". Click on "OK" to confirm the purchase. The new function is then activated for you on tapio. Now that you activated the interface in tapio, please now change to intelliDivide and see how to active the interface in intelliDivide.