Julian Spöcker

1 min reading time

In the tapio DashBoard many things come together.

The optimal combination of a lot of information.

Do you already use MachineBoard, so you always have the current status of your machines? Or ServiceBoard, to know which machine had which service cases? Wouldn't it be ingenious to have all this information in one overview over a more extended period?

Then the tapio DashBoard is just right for you.

We provide you with historical information in an application, e.g., on the machine states as you know them from the MachineBoard and for several manufacturers as usual from tapio. A perfect combination for you and your machine operators, because everyone has the same source of information.

Additionally, we also bundle further information such as service cases from the ServiceBoard up to detailed information on machines, e.g., sensor values, depending on what tapio partner provides.

All this is presented in diagrams, which allow you to quickly identify where you need to intervene and where everything is running as desired. With various filter functions, you can also take a closer look at individual areas if required, and all this can also be done on the move with the App.

tapio thus offers a combination of digital services (MachineBoard, ServiceBoard, DashBoard) that allow production control/planning, machine servicing, and maintenance to move even closer together. Together, a great deal of optimization potential can thus be exploited.