Christian Neumann

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New tapio partner: We warmly welcome imos as partner in our open ecosystem

With an interface to imos iX, applications in the tapio ecosystem are optimized

Enabling individual planning and production of furniture is the great added value of the software solutions of imos AG from Herford. With the partnership to tapio, further process steps can now be optimized by allowing customers to send information from imos iX to HOMAG's cutting optimization intelliDivide with just a few clicks.

Thinking from the customer's perspective

Raising production efficiency while keeping error rates low is relevant for all furniture manufacturers and joiners. To achieve this, an error-free transfer of the bill of materials of an order from imos iX to the cutting optimization system intelliDivide must be guaranteed.

Data transfer with one click

The new interface between imos iX and HOMAG intelliDivide, which is provided via tapio, contributes to precisely this error-free transfer of the parts list for cutting optimization. Thus, both worlds are seamlessly connected in a digital way. As a result, furniture manufacturers and carpenters save a great deal of time, as tiresome "copy-paste" tasks are eliminated and manual import and possible sources of error are virtually eliminated. In addition, optimized cutting plans allow valuable material to be ordered on an order-by-order basis. This type of connection is also possible between HOMAG iX and HOMAG intelliDivide.

tapio connects both worlds

The continuous data flow and the clean and secure transfer of data is the central contribution of tapio. The interface can be purchased in the tapio store as a monthly or annual license and activated in My tapio without any individual coordination or configuration effort. The access code is then stored in imos iX and the interface can be used.

"Leveraging synergies is a key concern for us and our software solutions. With the tapio partnership, we are taking this to a next level in the wood industry. The seamless data exchange between our software and other wood industry-specific solutions provides a valuable contribution to our customers. Thus, tapio as an open ecosystem contributes to the further connection of imos." Winfried Dell, imos AG

tapio welcomes imos to the open ecosystem and is pleased that the networking idea is also bearing fruit at this point.