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How to manage your subscriptions?

We show how to increase or decrease the number of licenses in a subscription to customize products to your needs.

If you already have a subscription for a product in use and, for example, a new machine is added, then you do not necessarily have to buy another subscription for the same product in the shop. You can easily increase the number of licenses within the existing subscription.

In "My tapio" click on "My account": MyTapioMeinKontoEN

Then click on the suitcase symbol "Account":


Then select the "Subscriptions" tab:

Auswahl Abo

Here you have an overview of all existing subscriptions:

Auswahl Abo2

If you select "MachineBoard", as here in the example, by clicking on it, further details for this subscription will be displayed:

Auswahl Abo3

If you now select "Change resource limits", you can either add new resources or remove them if more than 1 resource is available. Depending on the type of product licensing, you can adapt a subscription to your needs here. One resource corresponds to one license. For example, this can be the number of machines or potentially the number of users.

Limit ändern

The changes are immediately applied to "My tapio" under "Applications".


  1. The new licenses run in the same cycle as the existing subscription. For example, if it is a 12-month subscription, then the new licenses are also 12-month licenses. If you change the number of licenses within the 12-month term, a pro-rata invoice will be issued until the current end of the subscription term. With the next regular subscription extension, all licenses will be billed for the entire term.
  2. If you need additional licenses temporarily, it may make more sense to buy a new subscription of the same product, which has a better contract period for you, e.g. monthly.