Tim Clermont

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How do I add my credit card as a means of payment?


Sometimes it is easier to pay by credit card. But, how do I add it as a means of payment on tapio? And how can I pay already outstanding invoices by credit card? I provide you with some answers to these questions in the following instructions.

To add a credit card, please follow these steps:

  1. in "My tapio", click on "My Account"


  1. then click on the "Account" suitcase symbol


  1. click on "Payment methods" in the selection menu:


  1. and then click on "Add new payment method"


  1. follow the instructions by selecting "continue"


  1. an input mask opens in which you can enter your credit card information:


Done. Your credit card is now ready to be used for the next invoices.

If you want to pay an existing invoice with a credit card, proceed as follows:

  1. unpaid invoices are displayed under "My Account" directly on the home page:


  1. here you can click right on the button "Pay":


  1. an overview opens in which all outstanding invoices and the amounts are displayed. After clicking on "Pay", the input mask for the credit card information opens again:


Afterwards, the invoice is settled.

How do I reach the tapio service?

If you have any further or unanswered questions, please contact our service hotline:

+49 7445 8379 949
Monday to friday from 8 am to 5 pm
at german time
or write us an e-mail to service@tapio.one