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Hello RIEPE - Welcome to ServiceBoard!

ServiceBoard - The ecosystem product gains another valuable partner in spray systems manufacturer RIEPE

The machine stands still, a cryptic error message appears on the display, and the customer waits for their order. In moments like these, one thing counts above all: speed. Many manufacturers offer their own customer portals that enable contact with the service department. This approach is undoubtedly practical, but by no means groundbreaking new. Although there is a central point of contact for all concerns, it is only for products from a specific manufacturer. In reality, for customers with an increasingly heterogeneous product landscape, this inevitably means numerous logins, URLs, apps and a multitude of different processes. Digital products are undoubtedly progressive, but who can keep track of everything? In the end, the only option is often to pick up the phone.

In an ideal world, things would be different. What if customers in the wood industry had a central point of contact for service cases, a login that they could use to send any problem with a machine, component or material directly to the relevant manufacturer? This is precisely the vision that ServiceBoard is pursuing. In an increasingly complex digital world, we endeavor to offer customers in the wood industry simple and, above all, manufacturer-independent solutions.

New partner on the ServiceBoard

Over the past few months, we have come a step closer to this goal and can proudly announce that we have a new partner on the ServiceBoard! RIEPE is a manufacturer of electronic spraying systems and the associated chemical products. Through many years of research and development, RIEPE has perfected edge processing in Finish Quality. Above all, however, RIEPE has recognized that pure diversification through excellent products and quality is no longer enough. Service and customer-orientation are therefore top priorities for the family business.

Problems with a RIEPE spraying system?

From now on, simply create a ticket in ServiceBoard

If you notice a problem with the RIEPE spraying system on your machine, simply create a ticket in ServiceBoard. Just as for your HOMAG machines, for example, in this case you select the service partner RIEPE, describe your service inquiry and send the ticket directly to RIEPE without any detours. RIEPE will deal with your inquiry immediately and get in touch with you.

Activate RIEPE add-on

Are you already using ServiceBoard?

Then you can add the RIEPE add-on to your existing subscription for €7 per month. To do this, open your subscriptions in the tapio Shop under "Account", select the ServiceBoard subscription and click on "Change" in the top right-hand corner. Now you can add "RIEPE as a service partner in ServiceBoard" in the lower section.

You are not yet using ServiceBoard?

You are not yet using ServiceBoard and would like to use the RIEPE add-on as a helpful addition to your edge banding machine? No problem. Regardless of the machine manufacturer, you can obtain the RIEPE add-on including the basic licence for €17 per month. In this case, please contact us and we will set everything up for you. Simply add a ServiceBoard basic licence to your shopping cart and add the add-on "RIEPE as a service partner in ServiceBoard". Complete the checkout as usual. My-tapio-service-partner-riepe-blogpost-2
You can verify if everything is functioning correctly in My tapio when the RIEPE Service appears as an add-on in your ServiceBoard application tile. You can now create unlimited tickets for your RIEPE service partner. In addition to a callback or video diagnosis with your RIEPE service contact, you will receive helpful documents and links to the solution directly in ServiceBoard. Access this content again at any time, document your service cases and build up your own knowledge database at the same time. My-tapio-service-partner-riepe-blogpost-3

Are you new to the world of tapio?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with you to set up your digital workshop and provide you with the bundle mentioned above. This consists of the ServiceBoard basic licence and the add-on 'RIEPE as a service partner in ServiceBoard' for just €17 per month.

You can reach our tapio service from: Monday - Friday / 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (CET) Under the +49 7445 8379 949 Or send us a message to

Become a ServiceBoard partner

Sind Sie ein Maschinen- oder Komponentenhersteller in der Holzbranche und haben wir Ihr Interesse geweckt? If you would also like to become part of ServiceBoard, please get in touch with us and send us a message to We look forward to discussing the perfect fit and possible business model for your company within the tapio ecosystem.