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BORM is new tapio partner: tapio connects the ERP world with other wood industry-specific solutions

Networked manufacturing is becoming more and more ready to go

With the Swiss company BORM-INFORMATIK AG, a leading provider of ERP systems for woodworking companies is now a partner of tapio's open ecosystem. The Swiss provider focuses on the planning and optimization of processes in larger industrial and smaller craft businesses. With the tapio partnership, BORM opens up a seamless interface to specific applications in the tapio ecosystem for its customers.

"With the partnership to tapio, we pursue the goal of making connected work even better and easier for our customers. tapio makes a valuable contribution to this for the wood industry by providing the technological platform for exchange as an open ecosystem." Markus Feusi, CEO of BORM-INFORMATIK AG.

Connecting instead of copy-paste

The collaboration between tapio and BORM is based on an important customer need, namely the transferability of data from the ERP system to other software for production. Once a customer order has been created in the ERP system at a furniture manufacturer, the customer wants to spend as little valuable time as possible copying the order details back and forth, but instead have the information at hand in other programs without transfer errors and without wasting unnecessary time.

As a result, tapio, as the link between BormConnect and HOMAG's "intelliDivide" cutting optimization system, now enables the transfer of order-specific data, e.g., on panel type, dimensions, or grain progression. With a click, for example, the user simply transfers the information from the parts list in BormConnect to the "intelliDivide" optimization software. The latter then takes over the cutting plan optimization for the respective order. Even before production begins, the transferability already shows its advantages: HOMAG's optimization software can calculate information on material requirements for each job, which then becomes the basis for ordering materials.

Thus, the interface to BORM enables resource-efficient use, speeds up processes and eliminates tiresome transfer errors. Learn more about it from HOMAG.

Interface available in tapio store

tapio provides the platform for simple data exchange. But how can I take advantage of the data exchange between BORM, tapio and the HOMAG solutions? There are 3 simple steps:

Log in to My tapio with your tapio account (If you don't have a tapio account yet, register your company. It's easy & fast and here is a tutorial on how to do it.

Visit our tapio store and buy the license for the interface "BormConnect: HOMAG intelliDivide" there.

Now copy the unique access code provided in My tapio and store it in BormBusiness.

Let's go!