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Becoming a tapio customer and using the advantages of an ecosystem

Everyone active in the wood industry can use tapio. Especially those who use the manufacturers who are tapio partners.

Like all entrepreneurs, you have your hands full all day long to satisfy your customers, plan new orders and keep the business running.

You find the new products on tapio and would like to use them, e.g. with your smartphone. However, you think that is surely a huge effort?! Not at all! The goal of tapio was to enable the use of digital solutions in 5 minutes, including registering tapio ready machines, connecting them, inviting colleagues and buying the desired solutions.

What to do now?

You are only five simple steps away from using tapio.

1) Register 2) Machines 3) Team 4) Solutions 5) Authorizations

1) Register your company on www.tapio.one

tapio website

Visit our website www.tapio.one. There you will find an area "my tapio" where you can register. It's even faster here: Register.

First step of registration

In order to register with tapio, you need to confirm two things:

  • tapio terms of useo: an important document in which, for example, the conditions for the usage of tapio services and products or for the handling of information are regulated.
  • Data protection declaration (DSGVO): Another important document, which specifically describes tapio's handling of your personal data (such as your name) according to the European Regulation.

Email Verification

Next, enter your user information, which includes the email address, which will be your username later.
tapio will send you a code to this email address. You have to enter this code in the registration window to verify your email address.
Now you can set your password

Company data information

The last step for your customer registration is to enter your company information such as address data.

Find the whole process in a short video on YouTube.

2) Add your machines

After you have logged in to tapio with our email and password, you will see your, still empty, customer account.

EasyAdd Dialog

In this window, you can easily add machines by selecting "Add" in the upper right corner. You can name your machines as you want them to be displayed in the applications.

QuickConnect Dialog

With "QuickConnect" you now have an even easier possibility to connect machines with tapio immediately. You could also say: "Works like in my car with the Bluetooth handsfree and my mobile phone".

  1. In your tapio customer account you open QuickConnect when adding the machine (bottom left). Two fields will appear, one with a code and the other with a placeholder.
  2. At the same time, open the QuickConnect function on your machine.
  3. With a click on "next" 2 fields appear. In the upper field you have to enter the first code from your customer account. The best way is to simply copy it.
  4. Switch back to QuickConnect on the machine and paste the code into the first field.
  5. Then a second code will be created on the machine. Copy this code and paste it into the second field in your customer account.
  6. Now just click on "Create" and done

Immediately two green hooks appear on the machine, the machine is connected to tapio and can use services such as the MachineBoard.

tapio Self-Service with example machines

Machines in tapio can have different states, but what do these mean?
  • Connected: The machine is connected to tapio and can send and receive data for selected service. Example would be: Your CNC machine sends its current error state to the tapio MachineBoard and you know that you have to go to the machine to solve the problem.
  • In verification: These machines are currently being verified by tapio together with the manufacturer. You will get information shortly, whether your machine can be connected to tapio, needs an update or can only be used to a limited extent.
  • Limited: the machine is not connected but can use solutions that do not require real-time information. So you can use the ServiceBoard to create a service ticket and solve the problem via video with the service technician, for this no real time information is needed at first. However, your machine can also receive an update and then be connected to tapio. This depends on the technology and can be checked with the help of tapio and the manufacturers.

Find the whole process in a short video on YouTube.

3) Invite colleagues

tapio User administration

So that your colleagues can also use the apps and services to make their everyday lives easier, you can simply invite them.

For users, you can simply click on "add". Then just insert the email address of your colleagues and define who should be an administrator like yourself, this means the person can buy solutions, add other users and add machines. All other colleagues are users and can only use the solutions you purchased and assigned to them (step 5). It makes sense to have a second administrator, so absence of a person is no problem for operations.

Find the whole process in a short video on YouTube.

4) Buy solutions in the tapio Shop

tapio Shop

Which applications your colleagues and you can use depends on which solutions you subscripted to in the tapio shop. Just open the tapio Shop at customerportal.tapio.one. Here you find all solutions of tapio and as well from all tapio partners. It's a shop for the whole wood industry.

To purchase a solution, click on the button at the bottom right. You will also find the product description in the text. It describes the performance and requirements of the solution in detail. Some of the solutions can even be tested with a trial month. Now you can define how many licenses you want to buy per solution.

Simple example: you have three machines and the ServiceBoard should work for all of them, then you have to buy three licenses.

tapio Shop - Promotion code input

If you have a promotion code, you can enter it. The price should change now. You see the subscription duration of the solution during the check-out process. It will also be shown on the invoices. The subscription will be automatically extended, but do not worry, you will be informed 5 days before the subscription period end is reached and can cancel the subscription at any time.

Find the whole process in a short video on YouTube.

5) Define who is allowed to do what

Authorize user for solutions

You can define which colleague may use which solution, because often not all have the same tasks. In the same way you can decide for which machine the subscripted solutions should be used. To do this, you have an "Applications" area in your customer account and you can assign subscripted solutions to your colleagues there. This works by clicking on "Assign user" and selecting the previously created colleague.

In the same way, you can also assign your previously added machines to the solutions, with a click on "Assign machine" you can add connected and/or restricted machines depending on the solutions.

Ready to digitize !

Frequently asked questions about tapio and the services can be found here

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