Moritz Frölich

1 min reading time

Admin portal, small change big impact

The first signs of change are already visible. The tapio admin portal, the area where customers manage their services, has been reorganized.

tapio and our customers grow day by day. This also creates new demands on our systems. The admin portal is the central area in which our customers can manage their services, machines, and users. More will be possible in the future, but more about this at the LIGNA at the end of May ;-).

To set the course for growth and new functions, we have already optimized the user interface. The different areas have been moved to a menu on the left side, and only the actual content relevant for the menu item is displayed in the middle.

This makes the whole frontend much more manageable and offers enough clarity even for many machines. Technically, we laid the foundation for replacing AngularJS, which will run out of support in 2021. When re-building our website, we already gained first positive experiences with React due to the usage of Gatsby JS. By making a move towards React, we hope to increase the reusability of our frontend components to streamline our development efforts.