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Jochen Fuchs is head of the production of the wooden parts of Spectral Audio Möbel GmbH in Germany. The team of around 150 employees uses modern machinery to produce bespoke, high-quality furniture. Well thought-out processes and digital machine service are essential for efficient production.

Jochen Fuchs provides us with some insights in this interview and the webinar on how he manages service cases in the furniture production.

You can watch the entire webinar in form of a video on YouTube. The webinar was recorded in German language.

Jochen, could you please briefly explain what you do at Spectral Audio Möbel?

We focus on innovative furniture solutions that, for instance, integrate sound solutions or individually designed glass into furniture. We manufacture high-quality individual furniture in Pleidesheim for customers all over the world.
Specifically, I am responsible for ensuring that the processes in the production of wooden parts run smoothly, and I also take on tasks from work preparation. When we decided a few years ago to invest in new machines, we immediately asked ourselves how we could digitize parts of the service process chain with a service app's help.

When did you start rethinking your service processes, which tasks did you want to digitize?

Machine errors or even production downtimes cost time and money. Quite often, you do need help from your service partner. Previously, I used to look up our customer number, the service telephone number, and other information and often got stuck in a queue until the right contact person was found. Production processes are then further delayed and – after all - stress arises because deadlines for completion have to be met. At this point, we wanted to make it easier for us with a service app.

What is the scenario today when a machine error occurs?

My deputies and I have the ServiceBoard app on our smartphones. If an error occurs, the ServiceBoard is first checked to see whether we have an already documented solution. We have something like our own little knowledge database for machine service in our team with this feature.
If my colleague cannot find a solution based on the old service cases, he opens a new ticket. We have recorded this in the video below. With (+), a ticket is opened, and then the machine is selected, or the machine QR code is scanned.
Photos can be added to the ticket, as well as a short description of the problem. Then, I can indicate and flag if the production had stopped due to this error. There is also a field for the callback number. Then, we are already done and send the ticket to our specific service partner.

Watch a short video on YouTube to see how you can easily send a service ticket with the ServiceBoard.

Thereupon, a technician will contact us, and we will try to solve the machine problem together. For this purpose, we often use video diagnosis - like remote maintenance.
Once the problem has been solved, the service technician enters and saves the solution in precisely this service ticket. Hence, our team members can see and understand how this specific problem was solved. This is a great advantage if the machine problem occurs again.

Can you share an example of a service case in your production with us?

Yes, for sure. The case I am thinking of happened on a typical Monday morning. When we started the machine, we received an error message saying that the X-axis friction forces were too high. We couldn't just dismiss that error. So, I created a service ticket in the ServiceBoard app with my mobile phone. I took a photo of the error message on the machine.
Within an hour, the HOMAG technician called me and connected to the machine - quasi as remote maintenance. There, the service technician carried out a friction force measurement. Fortunately, the machine was running faultlessly again shortly afterward.
The solution to the fault was also automatically documented in the ServiceBoard. Now, everyone in the team can access and see this solution.

Has ServiceBoard made service better and less time-consuming for you?

Our flexibility in production has become much higher by using ServiceBoard. When malfunctions occur, many machine errors can be eliminated easily by looking at the history of ServiceBoard, our small knowledge database of machine errors, and solutions. Errors that have already occurred and that a colleague solved are now much more comfortable and quicker to solve for me. With this own documentation, machine errors can be solved more easily.
Thus, ServiceBoard saves time and unnecessary costs.

How did your colleagues react to introducing and using ServiceBoard?

Luckily, the reaction was very, very positive. My colleague has also installed the ServiceBoard on his mobile phone, which implies that he can solve problems himself, even while I am on holiday.
We are continually improving our processes and making information available to all colleagues in the workplace. In this respect, our team is highly motivated to use such digital tools to eases our jobs.

Jochen, thank you very much for the insights into your production regarding the machine service!

Advantages of ServiceBoard at a glance:

  • Fast & straightforward communication with your service partner
  • Own documentation of past service cases & service tickets
  • Video diagnosis can easily be performed with service technicians.