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Machine service & remote maintenance
with the app ServiceBoard

easy & fast

A service app for
machine service & machine maintenance


App for service cases

Gain an overview of all your service cases of your production - the cases already solved and the cases in progress!


Service ticket

Create a service ticket with just a few clicks. Add photos from your machines and send your service request to the corresponding service partner.


Video diagnosis

Initiate a video connection with your service partner to jointly solve your issue with the video camera of your mobile device.


Service monitoring

Use the overview of maintenance with all serviceable items for all integrated tapio partners.

Simply download the app to try the demo mode!

service app

Oh no, production stopped due to a machine error!

Manage your service cases and remote maintenance quickly with a service app and reduce your communication effort to a minimum. Besides the video diagnosis, the service app provides you with a quick and easy overview of your service cases - on your smartphone and on your tablet. For example, on

  • service tickets currently unsolved,
  • previously solved service issues and the solution, and
  • maintenance status of various machines.
preventive maintenance

Monitor your machine maintenance digitally

  • Overview of maintenance for all machines of tapio partners who have integrated their products
  • Colors display the urgency of maintenance activites, such as cleaning a filter of the vacuum pump
  • Can be used for older machines without internet connection as well
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10 € / month

each additional machine

„The ServiceBoard app is a big pain relief for us – especially with regards to documenting service tickets. I would no longer purchase any further machine for our production that cannot be integrated into ServiceBoard.”

Jürgen Müller, exligno GmbH
examples from the workshop & production

Maintenance and service from practice
made digital & efficient

Service app

Why we should make our machine service easier
with remote service and a digital service app

Everybody knows this Monday morning when all the machines are supposed to be running so that completion dates in furniture production can be met—supposed to be running. Because the typical Monday morning sometimes poses a challenge with machine problems and errors.

But what to do in case of a machine error? Search for the service telephone number of the service partner and spend time in queues?
The digital solution ServiceBoard from tapio presents a time-saving solution:

Save time & costs with a service app

With tapio's ServiceBoard service requests and service tickets can be created with just a few clicks. The appropriate service technician of the service partner then reports back - by telephone or video diagnosis. Valuable time is saved, and a solution is found quickly.
And this is how it works:

Step 1 – Create a service ticket

In production, the app is opened, and a ticket is created. The operator can select or scan the machine on which the error occurred. A short description of the problem is then typed, and photos can be added. This can be helpful, for example, if errors are displayed on the machine's touch screen. Besides, a specific callback phone number can be entered.
Finally, it can be indicated whether production is currently at a standstill due to the error. This gives the service ticket the corresponding status "machine standstill" in case of an emergency.

Step 2 - Support from the service technician via video

Based on the error description, the service case is immediately directed to your service partner's appropriate technician. The service partner will then contact you. This can be via telephone or video diagnosis on the ServiceBoard. With the help of a video diagnosis, you can show the technician the problem or show you the solution using 3D models.

You can decide for yourself whether to switch on your camera or not. For example, the service technician can use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to see precisely what you see, which is the fastest way to help you find the solution.

Depending on your machine's age, the service technician can also switch on your machine - as remote maintenance, remote service, or remote access. This enables the technician to carry out the machine service remotely, i.e., from a distance.

This conveniently eliminates the service technician's travel time and machine downtime, leading to lower service costs for your machine. Thus, remote service saves time and money.

Step 3 - Document the solution

If the machine's solution has been found in step 2 with the help of the service technician, this solution is now automatically saved in the app for the service case in the ServiceBoard.

Colleagues who have not witnessed the service case due to vacation or working another shift can view the solution transparently. If a machine problem occurs again, the solution is displayed. In this way, service cases and machine errors can be solved even faster without contacting the service partner again. In reality, this results in real-time and cost savings.

Step 4 - Machine maintenance & maintenance & monitoring

The ServiceBoard offers further functions. Machine maintenance plays a central role here, as this can often prevent service calls. The ServiceBoard contains the "Machine Monitoring" function. Here it is displayed when which machine maintenance or servicing must be carried out on which machine. The urgency of which machine maintenance or service procedure is indicated by color. For example, when the guide carriage of the console table has to be lubricated or when the filter of the vacuum pump has to be cleaned.

In green, yellow, and red, the user can see at a glance when the next maintenance work is due on which machine. Machine downtimes can thus often be avoided as a preventive measure.

Step 5 - Spare parts shop

Some machine parts wear out, so the ServiceBoard immediately allows you to link to the integrated machine manufacturer's spare parts shop. If, for instance, you need a spare part for one of your HOMAG machines, you are immediately directed from the ServiceBoard to the HOMAG spare parts shop.

And, as the ServiceBoard knows which one of your machines is involved, the correct spare parts for exactly your machine are displayed.

Easy to use in furniture production

The ServiceBoard service app works equally well on iOS and Android to be used on almost all mobile devices. With tapio, the number of users is unlimited, and you only pay per machine to use the ServiceBoard. You can choose whether you take out an annual or monthly subscription for the machine. You can easily manage the licenses and machines and the users of your company in

What our customers say about using the ServiceBoard:

We use the tapio ServiceBoard to get faster support in case of service cases. Consequently, machine downtimes are reduced, and spare parts are identified more quickly because a picture replaces a longer explanation/description.

Daniel Buhtz, production manager at exligno GmbH (30 employees)

Advantages of the ServiceBoard at a glance

  • Machine service & remote maintenance via the Service App
  • The entire team can view documentation of the individual solutions
  • Machine maintenance tasks at a glance
  • Time & cost savings in case of service and improved communication