condition monitoring

Find a package
that fits your needs to increase your machine availability

per month
per year

1 month free of charge

basic license

Connect 1 machine
discover MachineBoard


15 EUR

each month1

monthly license
1 machine


15 EUR

each machine & each month1

Add as many machines
as you need and pay
for each single machine

This applies to all packages

  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Only actived machines connected to the MachineBoard license count into the package’s license
  • For each machine that should be displayed in MachineBoard, one license is required
  • Plan can be cancelled on a monthly basis (for a monthly subscription)
An app from tapio
to reduce your machine downtimes by condition monitoring

Notes on your subscription:

  • Amount of users is unlimited
  • Automatic renewal by one month for monthly subscriptions or
    by one year for annual subscriptions
  • Termination of your subscription is due 3 days before the
    automatic renewal of your subscription
examples from the workshop & production

Maintenance and service from practice
made digital & efficient