machine availability & condition monitoring

Improving the daily shopfloor life of machine operators

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always up to date

Condition Monitoring

  • Colorful status of all current machine conditions at a glance
  • Machine operators receive push notification on necessary interventions, e.g. in case of a machine error
  • Monitor your machines from everywhere - remote or on the shopfloor

Jochen Fuchs, production manager of the wooden parts production of Spectral Audio Möbel GmbH in Germany shows how he and his team use the MachineBoard in practice in the video. In one of our webinars, we also visited Jochen to speak with him about digital service. Read about his insights in our blog.

iiot for your production

Machine details

MachineBoard also offers a deep dive into specific machine details of your machine, e.g. machine warnings, maintenance, errors, or activities.

This specific data on your machine is provided and detailed by the machine manufacturer.

reduce machine stoppage

Residual time of CNC programs

The MachineBoard shows you the residual time of the CNC programs or upcoming set-up procedures. This makes it easier for you to plan parallel activities, and all instructions can be processed in time.

Easily reduce your machine stoppage times and increase machine availability.

MachineBoard in a nutshell

That's how it works!

Downtimes and delays can be avoided! You as a machine operator can always have all your machine-related information to hand in real time with your MachineBoard - via Smartphone or Smartwatch, also via push notification as soon as manual intervention becomes necessary. This helps you to always be at the machine on time and to act flexibly at all times. In addition, you can see the residual process time of the CNC programs or upcoming set-up processes and can, thus, plan parallel activities more efficient.
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Maintenance and service from practice
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