for workshops and production

App for machine operators
for condition monitoring of machines

transparency at a glance

App for condition monitoring


Machine overview

Gain an overview of all your machines on your shop floor for all integrated tapio partners, displayed in different machine conditions.


Residual time

Capture the residual time of the currently active machine process with just one view, e.g., for your cnc machine.


Push notification

Get push notifications on your device, e.g. your smart watch or mobile phone, in case of errors or necessary operator interactions, like machine setup.


Machine details

Specific details of each machine can be accessed for integrated tapio partners.

condition monitoring

In 1 min, the programm of the CNC machine finishes!

With the MachineBoard you easily see the residual process time of all your machines connected to tapio in one view. This is of high importance, especially for machine operators, as they are often responsible for several machines and can therefore work even more efficiently, e.g. in terms of set-up times.

The MachineBoard shows at a glance...

  • whether a machine error occured,
  • the current state of the machine and
  • how long the current residual time is.
transparency is key

As machine operator, increase your machine availability

  • Overview of machine condition and state for all machines of tapio partners who have integrated their products
  • Colors display the state of a specific machine
  • Residual process time is shown until next interaction is needed
  • Push notifications sent by machine
  • Specific information and data for each machine (defined by the machine manufacturer)
prices & packages

The right subscription for your need


1 month free of charge

Connect 1 machine to MachineBoard


15 € / month

for one machine


165 € / year

for one machine

examples from the workshop & production

Maintenance and service from practice
made digital & efficient

IoT for the wood industry

As a machine operator, monitor the machines better,
reduce machine downtime, and keep an eye on residual program times

The beauty of efficient production is that many processing steps in furniture production and woodworking can be carried out autonomously and without external intervention. This ranges from small 10-man businesses. A production cycle is started on the CNC in the evening at the end of the workday, up to large furniture production with long production lines. The panel-cutting is located right next to the edge banding machine to automatically cut to size and edged.

  • But how do you keep track of all these machines, whose downtime costs such valuable production time?
  • How do I know how long the residual time of the processing cycle will last?
  • And which machine is possible in an error state or condition?

The answers can be found in the app

With the MachineBoard, which you can use on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or smartwatch, you can see at a glance which machine is currently in which state. Colored rows show you immediately where a machine is in an error condition, standing still, or being set up.

The MachineBoard also clearly shows the residual running times for the individual machines' respective processing cycle, provided the machine is technically capable of it. This gives the machine operator a clear overview of when and where he needs to intervene, allowing him to work more efficiently.

The machine operator receives a push notification 60 seconds before the end of the program.

Suppose, there is an error on a machine. In that case, the machine operator receives this information via push notification on his smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. This avoids unnecessary delays, mainly when process steps are interlinked, as the machine operator is informed immediately and can intervene.

Individual machines can also be selected on the MachineBoard. A detailed overview then shows once again what the machine status looks like in detail. For example, was the emergency stop activated, or is there a specific error? This information is available at a glance in the app. Depending on the machine type, the level of detail displayed may vary.

How does the real-time machine data get into the MachineBoard?

tapio is an open ecosystem for the wood industry. It offers the possibility to integrate the machine data into the MachineBoard. Machine manufacturers can deliver their tapio-ready machines to you or retrofit them. Machines that are tapio-ready can send machine data - securely and encrypted. You can then decide which machine should be connected to tapio. These machines can then be linked to the MachineBoard. Afterward, you should create user accounts for your team members, download the app from Google Play or the App Store, and off you go with real-time machine data!

It is also important to us: You remain the owner of your data and decide which machine data is used for which application. We at tapio are somehow the trustee platform that protects your data and never makes it accessible to others.

Is my machine data safe, and do I remain the owner of my data?

When everything is online and cloud-based, it is essential to know who owns what exactly happens with your data. Therefore, it is important to us at tapio to decide about your data yourself and remain "owner of your data." We at tapio are somehow the trustees, but definitely not Google or Facebook. All applications we offer on tapio follow these basic rules.

The connections from the machine to tapio are multi-layered encrypted. From the outside, nobody can connect to the machine.

For example, after a test phase, if you decide not to continue using tapio and the MachineBoard, your data will usually be deleted within 90 days.

Which manufacturers are already integrated?

Newer HOMAG machines, for example, can be connected with just a few clicks via the so-called "QuickConnect" and send machine data. In principle, any machines can be added to mytapio. Afterwards, the respective machine manufacturer can check which machines are ready and which are limited in use or cannot be connected at all.

What do our customers say about the MachineBoard?

"The installation of tapio is done very quickly. You get an email with an invitation to the platform, click on the link, create an account and password. Then you install the app on your smartphone or tablet. And tapio runs!"
Adrian Wochner, Order Center

"We work in three shifts, and that's where the beauty of tapio is especially valuable because downtimes are reduced. Employees are informed preventively, e.g., if operator intervention is required for tool or label roll changes".
Philipp Ullrich, Project Engineer at Dethleffs

Advantages of the MachineBoard at a glance

  • Always overlook the condition of your machines
  • Machines from different manufacturers in one app
  • Receive error messages from the machine on your mobile device
  • See residual times of machine programs
  • An app for the status of all machines from integrated manufacturers