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Track the power of your HOMAG machinery
with MMR Mobile

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MMR Mobile

An app for analyzing the performance of your HOMAG machines

With the MMR Mobile app, HOMAG gives you a complete overview of the performance of your HOMAG woodworking machines - so you have all the relevant machine information with you wherever you are - on your tablet or smartphone.
Get even more performance out of your machinery with this app, making the workshop more efficient and digital.

Clear graphics present your most important key figures, such as the status of your machines, in retrospect. You can select different evaluation periods and thereby identify trends.
Discover potential for improvement easily with MMR Mobile and derive necessary measures for your production of tomorrow.

Improve the waiting times, malfunctions or setup times of your woodworking machines.

Simply download the MMR Mobile App and use it free of charge.

Recognizing trends in MMR Mobile

The key figures and evaluations are clearly presented and create a quick overview of the performance of your HOMAG machine park:

  • Short-term: last 8 hours or last 14 days.
  • Medium and long-term: last 3 months or last year

Graphically displayed key figures

Track the performance of your production per machine with the clear display of your key figures at a glance.

Production in pieces

This shows how many parts were produced. The yield is the development in which period of time. Here you can see how many parts were produced in which time periods and thereby create a transparent overview of improvements in part or cycle performance, both in the short and long term.

Machine states evaluated in periods

In the usage overview of your machines, you can see exactly which machine was in which state for how long. Here, the machine states that have led to losses in effectiveness (waiting state, machine setup, malfunction, maintenance) are displayed as percentages and graphically.

free performance tracking

The right way to optimize
the performance of your woodworking machines

Price Box MMR Mobile free

How to activate your MMR Mobile license


Register your company at and invite your colleagues as users.


Register your "tapio-ready" machines of integrated tapio partners and connect the machines to tapio within your company account in


Go to the tapio shop, select a package and buy your MMR Mobile license.


Assign the purchased MMR Mobile licenses to your machines and add additional packages if necessary.


Take your mobile device and download MMR Mobile from the App Store or Google Play.


Open the app on your mobile device and log in with your tapio user account. Off you go!

MMR Mobile usage

Technical requirements
for using the performance app

+ Mobile devices Android 5 or later or
iOS 11.0 or later
+ Internet connection Download min. 384 kbit/s
Upload min. 384 kbit/s
+ Machines Can be used for all HOMAG machines which are "tapio-ready"
(with powerControl V2 control system)
tapio support

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Can we assist you by registering with My tapio, or show you around My tapio? Or can we support you in solving any technical issues with My tapio? Please feel free to reach out to our tapio team from Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (CET):

+49 7445 8379 949

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