tool management

Gain an overview on your tools

Tool management simplified

  • With the digital tool accompanying card in the web app, replace your traditional tool card
  • Analyze the performance of your tools over their entire life cycle
  • Keep track of sharpening cycles and availabilities of your tools
  • Add and edit limits for your tools
  • Retrieve tool data directly from machines*

*Currently only possible on selected HOMAG Group machines.

App instead of Excel

  • Use twinio on your smartphone and your desktop – the web app works on every internet browser
  • Overview on all tools at one glance
  • Use data of different suppliers in just one app, even faster with data from integrated tapio partners

Add individual data

  • Set individual parameter, e.g. on the running meters of a saw blade
  • Manage and edit storage locations of individual tools
  • Simply scan tools from integrated tapio partners
  • Create limit values for tools
  • Digitally map manual sharpening cycles
  • Create and edit manual measurement data yourself

Scanning feature

  • Easily identify your tools in your own workshop
  • Insert data from integrated partners by a quick scan of the tool or material (>> Access list of integrated partners here)
  • Use the code of your suppliers or create an own QR code via twinio for your tools
  • Codes available are QR codes, barcodes, or data matrix codes

twinio live

Never search for tools again! With twinio you can manage your tools digitally. This gives you a quick and easy overview of your operating resources - on your smartphone and desktop.

Watch the live demo on Youtube.

twinio in a nutshell

That's how it works!

twinio transforms your tool management with just a few clicks efficiently and digitally. The tiresome search for milling cutters, saw blades or CNC tools, is no longer necessary. Instead, you always have an overview of where each tool is located.