Sabrina Gröger

3 min reading time

Why tapio is actually called tapio?

When we first heard the final proposal for the naming of our startup, it was immediately clear to us: This name has amazing potential! Short, memorable and unique. With the right design, the word mark became a figurative mark at the same time. There was absolutely no need for another style element, such as an icon. The perfect match for our visionary presentation at LIGNA 2017! With tapio, we could proudly enter the market and show who we are.

tapio, only five letters, but multiple meanings

First, tapio is a name from Finnish mythology. This describes the god of the forest, animals and hunting. tapio is also the husband of the forest goddess Mielikki and the father of the god Nyyrikki and the goddess Tuulikki.
As you can see, our name is in contact with the gods of the forest. The gods of our raw materials for workshop and production.

If we divide the letters into "tap" and "i", "o", can you think of something about this?

Clearly, the "tap" in English stands for touch, tap. Like when you "tap" around with your finger on your smartphone or tablet. You probably do it every day, and with tapio's digital helpers, even in your daily work routine! Let's take a look at the last two letters.

"i" stands for input, meaning we enter something. But what do we input? First, before you start to take advantage of the digital tools, you enter your tapio user data. These are your login details that you selected during the registration process at tapio. So to speak, the entrance to the tapio world.

If we elaborate on the word "input" even further, we could also say that we use the data you enter and manage with us to provide you with digital access to your own data. We like to use machine data as an example. You yourself, of course, can see what your machine is doing and how it is doing on site. If you move away from the machine, anything could happen and you wouldn't even notice. By entering your machine in your My tapio account, you give the decisive input. And that now leads us to the "o."

Of course, after "input" here comes "output". We're giving something back to you. Namely, your data. However, in a form that was previously inaccessible to you, or a bit harder to access and read. If we stick to the example of machine data, we make your real-time data available to you at any time, from anywhere. And depending on the app license you purchased, you will receive evaluations and optimization suggestions entirely according to your ideas, even with histories, for example, from which you can derive improvements. Of course, as far as functions and possibilities with tapio are concerned, we are only scratching the surface here.
And, since our tapio partners also offer solutions and digital helpers, your advantages are virtually unbeatable.

Would you have thought at the beginning of this blog post that it would be about data again? Probably not, nevertheless a nice surprise? After all, how much nicer can it be when not only the digital products and the secure environment suit us, but the name itself implies the spirit?

The brand name tapio does not come by chance

So there are profound meanings that may not be apparent at first glance, but once you know them, they are more than logical and fitting to us, our mindset, and most importantly, our dedication to the wood industry.

And, what does our name tapio have in common with tapir? Absolutely nothing :-) We have, however, an insider joke: One of our contacts never stops the autocorrection in the emails and, thus, creates amusement when greeting the tapir team ;)