Jan Essig

3 min reading time

Hey, where is my tool?

"Hey, has anyone seen the end mill? How much is still on the edge band roll? I'm not sure, but should we give the saw blade to the sharpening service?" The overview of all tools and materials is missing.

With this hypothesis in our list, we visited and interviewed different customers over an extended period to see whether this assertion was confirmed or not. The lack of transparency in tools and materials is something where customers' shoe pinch.

With twinio, small, medium, and large companies will have the possibility to get transparency in their tool and material management in the future. The whole application is simple, fast, and digital and can be accessed at https://twinio.tapio.one. twinio is versatile and can be used in different areas of a company. You just need a tapio account and the corresponding twinio license from our Shop. And you're ready to go!

Let's take a closer look at the individual functions:

All items and categories - Overview of all tools and materials at a glance. After you have added your items with twinio, they will appear in your overview under "All Items," sorted according to their topicality. With the help of the function "Categories," you can filter according to specific categories and thus receive an exact list of your concrete tools or materials that you have filtered.

Tool and material data - receive data directly from the manufacturer. Marked by the "blue tick mark" in twinio, you have the option of receiving master data and technical data directly from the manufacturer when creating a tool or material. Thanks to the ecosystem, manufacturers (= tapio partners) have integrated their tool and material data into twinio and provide you with digital data in advance. This saves you manual work and effort. In the ideal case, "scan, and you're ready to go" applies.

My data - add customer-specific data per tool or material. Each customer, i.e., you, can add your parameters to a unique tool or material and then edit them as often as you like. The rough estimation of the running meters per saw blade or the remaining length of an edge band is something of the past. Update your parameters after each production process and give your colleagues the transparency they need to make decisions that are not only based on experience.

Manage storage locations - if you log in to your company account under mytapio.one, you can create individual groups and storage locations under "Production". For example, you can create a different tool or edge storages, including the number of storage locations. Or group your production according to incoming goods, outgoing goods, sharpening service, and individual machine cells. No matter how you map your production, you will find this group and storage locations in twinio. You can then assign your tools or materials to specific locations under "Change storage location." So everyone in your company knows where which asset is located. Whether in use on a machine, in the tool storage on place four or outside at the sharpening service. The extensive search belongs thus to the past.

Scan function - identify items with the help of a simple scan. The integrated scan function recognizes barcodes and data matrix codes in addition to QR codes. Thus, manufacturer codes can be scanned directly, making the creation of a new tool happen within a few seconds. Or use the scan function to scan the QR codes provided in twinio for each tool and material.

QR Code Generator - twinio helps you to set up your warehouse management. In the detailed view of each item, you can print or download a QR Code. Add this code to the tool or material and in the future, work only with the scan function in twinio to identify your tools and materials, update individual parameters, or change the storage location.

Manual creation - twinio increases transparency in tool and material management, as you can create your items manually regardless of the manufacturer. You can enter every manufacturer, including the corresponding master and technical data. You decide which parameters you want to create, mandatory fields are only article number and product name, the rest is optional. Click on the "+" sign at the top of the navigation bar in twinio and create your first tool manually.

Our goal was to develop a solution that provides you with the missing transparency easily, quickly, and digitally. twinio enables you to start a digital tool and material management promptly. Say goodbye to endless searching, increased costs due to unnecessary repeat orders, and manual administration. Take the first step towards digitization with us and get to know twinio. Register now on tapio.one, purchase twinio licenses in the shop, invite colleagues, define storage locations, and manage your tools and materials digitally with twinio.