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Being future-ready as a tapio partner

How tapio partners can collaborate with tapio to master digital challenges for wood working

So far, tapio helped many workshops and productions to be digital and, thus, more efficient. In line with our motto "Wood is digital", we would love to continue pushing this evolution forward - together with you, our tapio partners. So, what's up next?

tapio projects you can join

Demand for digital solutions is on a high level like never before - not just because of the current pandemic situation. We've continued to expand applications and add features that make them more comfortable and more efficient for you and your customers to use.
We clearly note that tapio users take advantage of their spare capacity to better equip themselves digitally. These are our open and manufacturer-independend digital tools, that might be of interest for you as tapio partner:


twinio offers your customers their own tool management, physical and digital, with QR codes and condition tracking. Integrated tapio partners provide tool data and enable customers to quickly manage their tools with reliable information.

web tapio-digital-tools-digitale-produkte-twinio-tools-material-manager-werkzeuge-digital-verwalten


Your customers can digitally service and maintain the entire machinery fleet and solve machine problems remotely using video diagnosis. We actively receive requests from tapio users as to when other machine manufacturers will integrate into ServiceBoard. Please feel free to contact us!

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When integrated, your customers have an overview of all machines from their colorful workshop in one app. They can view statuses at any time and immediately detect machine errors or downtimes. Depending on the machine type, you as a tapio partner can choose what is displayed to your customers in MachineBoard.

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What does an integration mean?

For tapio partners

+ Use of secure tapio technologies, such as infrastructures, software, data protection, maintenance, and more.
+ tapio developer portal for assistance with integrations & development of own apps
+ Freely configurable licensing models for own apps

For your customers (free of charge)

+ Only one registration to access all digital tools
+ High availability and usability of apps and machine connectivity
+ My tapio account management of digital workshop & production (machines, tools, stock management, users, etc.)

For all

+ Benefits of an open ecosystem through standards set for the wood industry
+ Secure and closed data transfer for you and your customers
+ Starting point for digital tools

Digital tools in the tapio ecosystem


In 2020, our digital ecosystem has happily grown - especially in the product portfolio. Also for this year, new and efficient tools for tapio users, potentially your customers, are planned. Every tapio user can choose from a wide range of digital tools and purchase licenses. Launch your own app and make it available to your existing and new customers! It's so easy.

tapio's digital training workshop

Feel free to contact us if ...

... you have a webinar idea or would like to push your app/integration with us.
... you would like to participate in one of our upcoming webinars.
... you would like to have a webinar for your employees about tapio or a specific digital product.