Christian Neumann

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What does digitization mean? Also to fight malnutrition!

We donate all of the prize money to the Child Growth Monitor.

We at tapio claim that there are enough opportunities here in Germany to eat appropriately. We are providing for oneself and one's family sufficiently. Unfortunately, this does not correspond to the standard everywhere. We think we should also contribute to needy environments. In coordination with all participants, we decided to donate the full prize money of 5,000 Euro of the Hackathon to the Child Growth Monitor.

The Child Growth Monitor is a smartphone app developed by Welthungerhilfe, which uses a 3D model to measure children accurately. The data evaluates with cloud computing power and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify needy children and provide them with rapid help reliably. The entire development project aims to combat malnutrition more efficiently and to analyze the success of aid projects more precisely. In the long term, the app is to become the global standard for all aid organizations.

There, modern technologies are used to get to the bottom of a real problem to combat malnutrition.

On YouTube you can find the short video contribution of Welthungerhilfe.

If you would like to learn more about the Child Growth Monitor, you will find here the website of the Welthungerhilfe project

Picture: PAGES Media GmbH