Webinar for Carpenters

How to get your workshop ready for the digital future

Webinar with Christoph Krause and Julian Spöcker

The webinar had been presented in German language only.

You can hear and see it everywhere. Everyone's talking about it. But what does digitalization mean for me as a carpenter or industrial manufacturer in the wood industry? What possibilities do I have and how does it really look in practice?

In this webinar, we discussed how the workshop can be set up for the digital future. Our guests were Christoph Krause, a proven digital thinker and head of the Competence Center Digital Craftsmenship, Julian Spöcker, tapio expert around the open ecosystem of the wood industry and Julia Kasper, a digital expert from craftsmanship with a family-owned carpentry. Hands-on examples from practice had been shown and presented in this webinar.

You can watch the entire webinar in form of a video on YouTube. The webinar was recorded in German language.

### What our Speakers said:

"Too much time is lost in craftsmenship due to the lack of digital interfaces. Craftsmen have to digitize their processes and should be the owners of their data."

Christoph Krause, mittelstand-digital.de // handwerkdigital.de // servicerebell.de

"The workshop is coloful: Machines, materials, tools and services of different suppliers are used. The tapio-ecosystem opens the floor for digital collaboration between supplier and craftsmen."

Julian Spöcker, Head of Sales bei tapio

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After the webinar, we surveyed our attendees which future topics they would like to hear and see in a webinar. Especially the topics "knowledge management" as well as "digital tool and material management" were very well received.

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