Jan Essig

1 min reading time

twinio: Tool and Material management spot on

What tools and materials do I have in my company? Where is which tool or material located? And what are the basic dimensions of my saw blade?

With twinio, the digital tool and material management, these and other question marks are a thing of the past, because twinio gives you exactly the transparency you are missing - and all this in the usual tapio manner: simple, fast and without much manual effort.

Like all other tapio applications, our application is open for integrations of our tapio partners. The first partners already provide data in tapio. As a customer you have access to digital tool and material data of our partners. You can also store your individual data per tool or material. How many run meters has my saw blade already? With twinio you get exactly this answer.

But how do you get these data quickly and easily as a customer? The integrated scan function helps you to capture and recognize your tools and materials. It doesn't matter whether you have to scan a Data Matrix code, a QR code or a barcode. twinio recognizes the code, compares it with tapio and supplies manufacturer data after successful proofing.

We wouldn't be tapio if we didn't add another function, because we know what a headache it is for companies not to know where which tool or material is in the company. As a customer you can assign your own locations to your tools or materials, already created in My tapio. If, for example, you digitally map your tool cycle in My tapio, your employees will know whether the tool is in a machine or at the sharpening service and they will also be able to change locations with twinio in real time. In the overview view, everyone in the company can see at a glance where and what is located.

Goodbye jungle. Hello transparency!