Julian Spöcker

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treeio - A small christmas greeting from tapio

"Let me get this right, you want a new product by Christmas?"

The year is already nearing its end. It is once again the time for classic Christmas cards, and we too would like to thank all our partners, customers, and colleagues for their commitment and trust.

What fits better than a digital greeting from the whole tapio team. It was immediately clear to us that we could not convince with a card here. We need something special. Something that also makes us laugh a little at the end of the year and conveys our spirit.

That's why we wanted to develop a Christmas tree for you, together as a team. We created an informative, funny video showing how our ideas flow and a product emerges. Of course, we are not too serious with ourselves. For example, how we define our product names, or where our software comes from and how it was developed.

Thanks to the whole tapio team for their participation. Whether physically on-site or by telephone directly connected to the event. This was not easy besides the daily tasks. But that's the way we are.

Wood is digital, are you?

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