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Thanks for 2023!

2023 in the rearview mirror: Exciting highlights and a look into 2024.

The year 2023 is drawing to a close with great strides. A year full of successes, innovations and exciting events lies behind us. In this review, we would like to look back at some of the highlights and take a look into the future.

Review of 2023

In 2023, our focus was more than ever on specific use cases. Our primary goal was to show you real-life scenarios through clever interfaces between the numerous applications in our ecosystem. One highlight at LIGNA was undoubtedly our live demonstration of the entire tool cycle. From the machine to scanning and digital sharpening, we demonstrated twinio's capabilities and gave a preview of future features. This presentation was rounded off by the unveiling of our new ServiceBoard, which marked a significant step towards improved services and seamless integration into your workflow.

This year also saw the tapio ecosystem continue to grow and enter into new partnerships. We are pleased that we were able to grow in the areas of materials, interfaces, sales partners and software providers.

Use cases from the workshop

What does everyday life look like with digital tool management? (Video)
How do ServiceBoard and serviceAssist work together? (Video)
Software in combination: Digital work processes from start to finish (Video)

Outlook for 2024

By focusing on use cases, we have learned how to effectively connect our diverse and colorful app world. These insights help us move forward, but at the same time pose new challenges that we will tackle with determination in 2024. In addition to expanding the interfaces, we have set ourselves the goal of optimizing and improving user-friendliness. The applications should not only interlock seamlessly, but also be more intuitive and efficient to use.

Optimization license model: individual and flexible

Our current twinio license model can no longer cover the versatility of tool management. We are therefore preparing to adapt the license model for the coming year. We attach great importance to your needs and will adapt the license model accordingly. You will receive a detailed presentation of the new license model in a separate e-mail.

Important changes from February 2024:ServiceBoard Native App Support

From February 2024, our previous ServiceBoard app will no longer be supported. The application will be removed from the App Store and Play Store. As an alternative, we proudly present the new ServiceBoard web app, which can be accessed directly via the web browser at

Accessibility via the browser means that the web app can be opened on any device, including PCs, giving you more freedom and mobility when using the application.

Further information on the changes

Thank you!

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers, partners and supporters for the trust they have placed in us. May the upcoming Christmas season be characterized by contemplative moments and harmonious moments with loved ones.

We wish you a relaxing end to the year and a successful start to the new year 2024, which is sure to bring new opportunities and fulfilling moments. We look forward to continuing along exciting paths together in the coming year and celebrating further successes.

Your tapio Team 💚 xmas-blogpost-happy-holiday-white