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2018: tapio is one of the 100 most innovative startups in Germany


Berlin, November 26, 2018. The eleventh edition of "The Hundert Startups of Germany 2018" has been published. The current issue is about the 100 most innovative startups from all over Germany. Six hundred fifty startups submitted their applications, and 100 made it into the issue, including the young company tapio from Nagold, southern Germany. The award shows that the industry itself can also drive digitization. Even in places beyond digital hubs like Berlin, the digital future is being shaped.

About tapio

"tapio is creating an ecosystem for the wood industry to help the industry leap into the digital future. 28 business partners of tapio share the belief that customer-centric collaboration and a common technology platform are critical to the digital future." Highlight of the year: "Hundreds of customers and 28 business partners gained."
The full article on tapio

Prominent jury of experts decided on award

The 42-member expert jury, consisting of investors such as Andreas Winiarski (EarlyBird), Chiara Sommer (Intel Capital) and Frank Thelen (Freigeist Capital), founders such as Oliver Samwer (Rocket Internet), Jochen Engert (Flixbus) and Lea-Sophie Cramer (Amorelie), CorporateVertvertreter such as Philipp Justus (Google), Tim Dümichen (KPMG) and Markus Hägele (Daimler) and politicians such as Brigitte Zypries (former Minister of Economics), has selected the 100 most interesting startups from across Germany.

The Hundert

The Hundert is a coffee-table book series published by Berlin-based publisher NKF Media. The magazine provides an overview of various startup ecosystems worldwide: each issue features the founders and entrepreneurs behind the startups. Prepared with interviews, analysis, and reports, The Hundert outlines the exciting and rapid changes in the startup world. Each startup is featured on a double-page spread. The Hundert Startups of Germany in 2018 is rounded off with interviews, commentaries, and charts. This creates a snapshot of Germany as a constantly changing startup location. Economic aspects also play a major role, so much so that Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) kindly wrote the foreword for this edition.