Christian Neumann

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tapio is one of the 100 most innovative startups in Germany

The eleventh issue of The Hundert Startups of Germany 2018 has been published. The current issue deals with the 100 most innovative startups from all over Germany.

Now it's been a while, but only now it shows what it really means. Already in late summer 2018, we applied for "The Hundert." When we were really chosen as one of the 100 most innovative start-ups in Germany, the joy was all the greater. There are now various awards and competitions, they alone, of course, do not guarantee success. However, the top-class jury of "The Hundert" is an indicator that it's not entirely meaningless. We feel confirmed that our approach, our vision is right, that it is innovative.

Q1, 2019 has also shown that many share this opinion. After the publication, we had several conversations. Not only fleetingly over a beer at the release party, but also in a quiet atmosphere and detailed. From all these conversations we can say that we are following the right approach.

The next step for us will now be the LIGNA trade fair at the end of May in Hanover. The motto there will be "Discover tapio." Services will be tangible, and we can also show some exciting new services. Of course, we have remained true to our ecosystem principle. So much in advance, it's getting more and more "colorful".

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