Julian Spöcker

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New partner: Empolis

Know what I want you to know. Our tapio ecosystem continues to grow. With Empolis we welcome another partner who shares tapio's vision.

Empolis headquartered in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is a software company that "stands for the holistic creation, administration, analysis, intelligent processing and provision of all information relevant to a business process - independent of source, format, user, location and device. The content created and managed in a Component Content Management System is combined with the knowledge about products, customers, their profiles, suppliers, etc. stored or generated in a Knowledge Management System to create intelligent, smart content that creates added value from information. Decision-makers, experts, employees and customers thus always receive exactly the knowledge that is relevant for their work, in line with the situation and the task at hand." (Source: https://www.empolis.com/ueber-empolis/)