Christian Neumann

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Microsoft Industry Day 2019

Our takeaways from the Microsoft Industry Day


It is always interesting to introduce tapio to new groups. During my daily work and in our conversations within the wood industry from time to time we lose sight of other industries. Such events as the Microsoft Industry Day are always a good opportunity to get inspired. I especially appreciate the conversations after the event or during the coffee breaks.

Of course, I am particularly pleased that we keep learning that we have created something special with our ecosystem approach. More importantly, feedback is usually very positive. Many of my conversation partners face the challenge that a pure silo solution adds little benefits for their customers, but they have no approach for building a colorful digital world. Therefore tapio's ecosystem approach resonates very well and is seen as an inspiring solution.

Unfortunately for many, it is a significant overcoming to position such an idea in their companies. Here you have to say that HOMAG as an initiator, investor, and first tapio partner had a great vision.

Interesting solutions

Besides tapio, there were, of course, other exciting lectures. I was especially interested in the AI Track. In the run-up, I had the chance to exchange experiences with a few other companies, so I was all the more excited about the presentations. I found the example shown by ZEISS of voice control for medical devices fascinating. It showed once again that if you do something and iteratively pursue an idea, very great things can come into being.